February 21, 2015

Is iPhone 6 Plus too large? See this great video

Is iPhone 6 Plus too large to carry? Sounds like most of the people are concerned about this one thing: the size of the latest iPhone is pretty big. It is pretty big, no doubt. Big screen. 

December 2, 2014

How To Use Photoshop Smartly

It is always interesting for us to think that with photoshop we can do a lot of things. Here are some ways to sue it smartly.
Know its specifications
Before you utilize the features of photoshop the very first step is to know about its features. You should have a menu or online tutorial for this purpose. Try your level best to stay familiar with all the insights of its specifications and also try to know what kind of options it can provide you. In this way, you will be better able to understand the functioning of your tool and can utilize its offers and features in a better way.
Install a premium version
One way to use photoshop smartly is by installing its premium version. It is true that the free versions of this tool are also nice enough. But for having access to unlimited offers and facilities, the premium version is more than great. For it you just have to pay one time annual fee and no other subscription charges will be applied.
Seek others’ help
If you could not understand how to use your photoshop then you can seek the help of someone. Find out such a person that has full grip over this tool. Seek his services and see if you can understand the insights of the product or not. If yes then that is going to be great because you will be able to use its offers and services in an effective way.

How To Use Google Effectively

Google has become a necessity and part of life for everyone who is an internet user. This is no doubt, then biggest search engine having a lot of services and apps for us to make the work easier. Here are some easy ways to use google effectively.
Make proper searches
It is strongly needed that you make proper searches using google. Sometimes it happens that whatever we search that gets saved in our backup files. This is why you have to be very careful. Just be assured that when you start typing, you write the proper keywords or insert correct spelling in the search engine in order to get the best and most suitable results.
Use google apps
You can also get facilitated with the google apps and its app store. Here you will have access to plenty of useful apps. You can download as many apps and games as you want. These range from one app maker to another especially one can have plenty of android apps and games at the google play store.
Use google documents
The search engine giant in order to facilitate its users, have unveiled various digital documents and software which have been made a part of gmail.com. You can create online forms, worksheets, documents and write the notes using this service. You can also save your files in your email and is just a click away to access all of them whenever needed.

How To Upgrade Your Android Phone

It has become essential to update and upgrade the android phones. This is due to the reason that every one of us wants enhanced and better services. We want extended battery lives of our android mobiles with extra downloading and speedy internet. This is why you can follow the following ways to upgrade your android phone.
Getting started
First of all you need to see which type of android phone you have. Usually google is very supportive for android operating systems. If our phone is having an old operating system then you can install the new google Android 4.4 operating system that comes with kitkat facility. This will help you unwrap the hidden benefits of the system.
Enjoy new visuals
You can certainly enjoy the new visuals of the kitkat with a handful of touches and other specifications once the new software has been installed. You need to make sure that when the software installation is done, then the next step is to turn off and restart your mobile. This is done because the software has to be made work properly under the hood functions.
Revamp your phone apps
This is the time for you to revamp your phone apps. You need to be assured that the phone has a highly integrated storage capacity. To make it happen, you need to change its battery and work on the software. You can download some apps that are battery friendly. 

How To Unblock YouTube in Banned Countries

Youtube is blocked in Pakistan and some other Muslim countries since a long time. But sometimes it becomes really essential for us to unblock youtube and make use of it due to some business and professional reasons. If you are to unblock the youtube then here are the three easy ways for that.
Use proxy
The world of internet is no short of proxies. What these proxies do is that hide your ip address and allow you to get access to youtube. In this way, you can have speedy and unlimited access to this video tool. The proxy works like search engine, you just have to enter the address of youtube in it and click for it to get opened.
Install software
There are some software as well that allow you to unblock youtube. You can search for any of such software online and start downloading it. You just have to make sure that the software does not accompany any virus.
Change your ip address
A number of software are available to help you change the ip address. One of them is easyiphide. This can be accessed online and you will be able to open youtube by changing the ip into any other country where youtube is accessible.

How To Spot If Your PC is Infected With Virus

Sometimes it happens that we see that our computers have started working slowly, this can be a sign that your pc has some virus. Here are some easy ways to spot if your computer has some virus or is infected with a malware.
Speed gets slow
If you are feeling that the speed of your computer is getting slower, then there can be two reasons for it. Either its window needs to be reinstalled, or have been corrupted due to a virus. In such a situation you should think of getting rid of the virus and install an antivirus immediately so that it is removed from the computer instantly.
Files are not opening
Are your computer files not opening? If it is so then this a possible sign of a virus. Make sure you think of getting rid of it. The best way is to minimize the use of internet and install powerful antivirus software. You should try your best to not go with cheap or free software, because most of them prove to be good for nothing.
Data isn’t protected
It is you who need to see if the files and sensitive data are protected or not. You have to see if the files are having some problem in your computer. If it so happens then a virus might be present which you need to deal with immediately.