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May 11, 2012

Integration of MS server, Mac Os X Server, and Linux

The three most talked about servers in the I.T field are Microsoft Windows Server, Mac Os X Server, and Linux. Microsoft windows servers were known as a brand that covers a line of products of Microsoft server. This consists of server editions of Microsoft Windows operating system itself, and the products as well were targeted to the wider business market. Unlike Microsoft’s dynamics or office product lines, most of the products that are bought by this brand are not made to be in line of business services. Mac OS X server is a server of UNIX operating system by Apple Inc. the server edition of Mac OS X is structurally identical to its desktop corresponding item, except that it consists of management of work group and software tools for administration.  (APPLE)
These tools provide a much simpler access to the main network services; this includes a samba server, mail transfer agent, and LDAP server and domain name server and various others. Also included in their latest versions are many additional services and the tools to handle them such as wiki server, web server, calendar server, and many more. A Linux server works on a Linux operating system. Linux is a free, open source operating system whose basis is UNIX and it can support various different hardware platforms. (APPLE)
Microsoft windows server
Microsoft windows integrate smart card abilities in the operating system. The Microsoft windows operating system includes a public key infrastructure that is native (with their own certificate server) and launches smart card authentication as an alternative to passwords to attain strong network authentication. (Topbits)
The main components of the public key infrastructure are:  certificate services which is the main operating system service that permits businesses to act as their own CA and issues and handle digital certificates, active directory is the main operating system service that gives a single place to find resources for network, and it serves as publication service, lastly public key infrastructure enabled applications, these are just like internet explorer, outlook, or outlook express, Microsoft windows contains secure e-mail , web access as well as logon.  (Topbits)
Linux server 
Linux gives a wide variety of established development and software tools for altering working system for appliance usage. Looking for a modern network appliance that does not run Linux is difficult than looking for a desktop computer for windows. Many people feel that the best appliance to be an outdated PC with a altered Linux distribution. This gives low cost for hardware and more configuration choices than the standard Linux appliance of the hardware. Many of the Linux distributions give efficient firewalls or routers that are secure utilizing minimum hardware in PC. Many of them will run on any processor of Pentium of 64 MB of RAM, minimum space on hard disk and two network adapters.  (Faber, 2002)
The active directory of Microsoft requires a heavy domain name service server to work properly, but Microsoft has yet to make one that works according to the standards that are good enough to interoperate with the other parts in the world. The DNS services that are made into every Linux distribution strive for improvement.  Integrating Linux print and file servers, one must look for systems where licensing problems complicate the continuous use.  (Faber, 2002)
For most of the companies, this is usually windows servers, for which companies should pay license renewals at high dollar value even though their server does not provide the high value in return to the firm.     Credible and functional third –party POP3 servers are present for windows servers, but send mail powers way more email traffic not by Microsoft exchange but internet. However, businesses where Microsoft exchange provides services for email rarely switch from exchange without much pressure from the owner of the company or executive or serious pinching problems. (Faber, 2002)
 Other basic web e-mail applications that run on Linux include NeoMail and Horde. Many of the ISPs give one or at times all three choices on their Linux servers. Inside the networking world of windows, Linux systems of file with Samba services looks like normal windows file server. Linux users that run Samba (integrated in every distribution of desktop) can access the already existing windows file servers as windows customers, and the new Linux servers through normal Linux networking protocols.  (Gaskin, 2004)
Mac Os X Server
The file integration of Mac OS X has become much easier as it deals with files in a similar manner, therefore, removing the need to translate the various files. Mac OS X has the capability of connecting to LPR/LPD printer shares. Apple talk phase 2, in this the group of network protocols that AppleTalk network structure is based on.  File server for Mac service allows Mac computers to amass and share files on servers that run the services for Mac. (Karamchedu, 2006)
The FSM service includes supporting for AppleTalk filing protocol (AFP) over IP protocol, support, therefore allowing Mac customers to access the resources that are shared by faster IP. The printer server for Mac service makes it possible for Mac customers to send documents to printers that are connected to a computer that runs Windows NT server, windows 2000 server, or Windows 2003 server working system. The PSM service also allows windows clients to gain access to Mac printers.  (Karamchedu, 2006)
If you have Mac, Windows or Linux systems on the network one works in, one can set up and handle a single directory, and they do not need to maintain a separate server or user records for every platform. Most of the work was to move from rhapsody to Mac OS X, which includes efforts to make it possible to discharge the kennel and the main operating system as open source by removing proprietary messes. (APPLE)
Rhapsody got the final gasp with the quiet release of Mac OS X server in February 2000 during April, at the same time Apple released Darwin 1.0, the open source main of the new operating system and then came the important departure of Rhapsody. While Mac OS X as a PC operating system is not available no more, Darwin offered to work for both power PC Macs and Intel Pc and can theoretically be transported to other platforms. (APPLE)
 The Darwin was not to become the rival to Linux, but rather help Mac developers to access the internals of the new operating system. Apple also announced that the open source release of its quick time streaming server as Darwin streaming server, the initial open source, is based on standards, free streaming server on internet. It was adapted particularly to run on Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, and Windows NT.  (APPLE)
The recent news from Linux world indicates all the signs of open source as the mainstream enterprise server platform. IBM, HP, Dell, Red Hat, Sun, Oracle, AMD and other companies are evolving with new products, alliances and most significantly customer satisfaction, especially in their work stations and server market in the low end edge.  The open source concept allows the customer to choose the components and partners they desire without getting caught up into a proprietary schema. The usage of proprietary schemas may be just the initial approach to further development. Microsoft may have thought that some of the major developers would thrust SML based formats with proprietary schemas. (APPLE)

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