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July 28, 2012

Thesis outline example

In this chapter, different facets of desalination in California will be discussed. First off, the historical context of desalination in California will be studied and for that matter the questions such when and how the need for desalination water projects cropped up in the United States be addressed.
Succinctly put, the need for desalination projects was profoundly felt in the 1950s and the universities in California played a massive role in materializing the idea of making the seawater useable for public use.
Secondly, the establishment of desalination in the state is another important aspect of this research paper.  Ever since 2000, there have been major developments with regards to the establishment of desalination water projects. Thankfully, the government officials and responsible authorities were abreast of the need for desalination projects in the state.
As a result, the shortage of funds did not occur and no desalination project was put to halt. Moreover, the structure and services of desalination projects have also been discussed.
As a matter of fact, the government policy and regulations also play a pivotal role in determining the success of any project. The regulations and policies pertinent to the desalination process in California have also been discussed.  The flexible regulations and policies are essential to ensure the success of any project. In case of California, the regulations and policies have been effective nonetheless.
As opposed to other countries where desalination projects are undertaken, California accentuates the fact that each desalination project should be regulated and treated uniquely and it appears that there is no central policy in place for that matter.
The San Diego and Santa Barbra desalination projects serve as an example to illustrate the fact that desalination has been beneficial to the public community at large in California.


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