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August 22, 2012

Amino Acid and how good is it for athletes ?

Amino acid is the basic structural building unit of protein. Primarily, it serves to enhance training efficiency among athletes. Thus, athletes have always tended to experiment with nutritional supplements mainly amino to improve their performance. Studies suggest that the effects of amino acid if used solely for nutritional purpose by athletes before and after the workout have not been discouraging.
 Amino acid may simply be defined as a source of energy for skeletal muscle. The intake of amino acids prior to workout is bound to give extra strength to the muscle of an athlete. Though, athletes are also advised to keep themselves mentally stable to fend off any side effect.
 William observes that “during endurance exercise, the BCAA pool is maintained through muscle protein breakdown. However, the oxidation of BCAAs in skeletal muscle often exceeds their supply from protein during prolonged endurance exercise. As a result, BCAA concentrations decline in the blood, an effect that is thought by some to cause the unexpected consequence of promoting tryptophan uptake across the blood–brain barrier, and increasing serotonin formation in brain.”(p. 63).
The precautionary measure on the part of athletes is pre-requisite since amino acid may leave a bad effect on the brain if used in an improper way. On the whole, researchers have concluded that the amino acid supplement improves training efficiency by creating muscle integrity and hematopoiesis.

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