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August 21, 2012

Application Essay Sample

Application Essay

Education provides a ladder to climb toward a greater share of society’s rewards. It is increasingly the determining factor in success or failure in the emerging global, post-industrial economy (Reich, 1991). The educational attainment holds a central place in the status attainment process. The benefits of university education have increased to levels that make it an extraordinarily attractive investment” (Kosters, 1990, p.65)
To begin with, the reasons to achieve Masters Degree in any discipline may vary from person to person. From advancement in the working sector, to just giving the individual a better approach of thinking and processing information, ideas and concepts. I joined the communication degree program because of the latter and to satisfy my intellectual curiosity. I have also recognized the ways that could potentially help me build a promising career in this very discipline. Statistics suggest that the person with the higher education is always more likely to receive higher pay, promotions and raises.

More and more individuals find it necessary to get an advanced degree or certificate from some type of higher learning institution to advance the course of their work career. More and more work procedures are being converted to the computer or computer related programs to reduce physical man power.  As far as my decision to opt for this course goes, I had presumed that this course of studies would take me to different heights and horizons of intellect and knowledge.
One of the distinguishing intellectual gifts that I can attain from advanced studies in communication is the gift of original thought. I knew from the outset that this program would hone my unrefined critical faculty. It would allow me have access to the vast ocean of knowledge. Education redefines our thought processes and expands our understanding of the capacity of things and concepts. It provides techniques through study, group discussions and lectures that allow the student to constantly renew and redevelop modes of thinking and processing. A graduate level degree certifies greater attained knowledge along with providing an expanded vehicle for communicating, improving marketable skills and earning potential.
Whether it is for professional analysis, educational study or for everyday problem solving, the more advanced the knowledge the easier it becomes to process, answer and resolve.
         To satisfy my intellectual curiosity, I am always driven by the desire to determine why certain   people are able to manage while others are only able to follow. To understand what constructive techniques and styles provide leadership within a group and team within any profession?  I knew that this course would surely inculcate within me an ability to innovate novel ideas individually and collectively through a team and express them effectively and coherently in my professional career. (Saella, 2009)
     As a matter of fact, people who are motivated to learn about the dynamics and to have practical knowledge of their social structure, people, and system take up communication studies and make progress. Looking into the history of the past decades, it is amazing how and to what extent communication and media have changed the modern ways of life.

I am extremely thankful to wireless networks, the quick access to the latest news, and the very clear broadcasting of knowledge, amusement, and factual data, the spatial and chronological limitations of the past have finished or you can talk with your distant friends in no time at minimum cost. I know that this course, in future, can also help me initiate my own business from scratch and expand it across countries.

       I chose to pursue a career in any of the field related to communication keeping in mind that it will carry me through and get me huge success in life which I hitherto had deemed inconceivable.
Just few years ago, only the college students were privileged to use internet or some people with the basic know how of this technology used internet. . Now, the Internet has become a basic necessity in just about every career of your choice. Keeping this growth in view I can say that in the coming few years it will reach everywhere and brighten my chances of success. Plus, we need not question this statement as this has become an inevitable reality. 
With the degree in media and communication, I could enter many good jobs, careers, and industries. Reporting, pursuit, and computer technology are just a few of the more popular paths.
As global connectivity and society's dependence on computers, television, and cell phones continue to increase, expect the selection of potential career paths to widen exponentially. According to my point of view just after a few years almost every job and industry will be relying heavily on computer technology, communication and media.
Why I chose a degree program in communication studies has many reasons that are not enough to summarize them here in one or two pages. The time I decided to join UOP was the right moment I seized my luck or I may have never got another chance to take the advantage of it. (Standler, 2009)
Making progress and a good reputation of you is always an uphill task. It was an intrinsic part of my goal. The decision to pursue a master degree took me almost fourteen years. There are two basic things of why I chose the master degree: career development and personal growth. The world is more sophisticated and insecure in terms of both economic uncertainties and stabilities. So whatever be your goal and ambition, you must have an ability to keep up with those uncertainties.

Although self-motivation is extremely important, seeking the guidance and the critique of others is essential especially when it comes from your family and your friends. I have consulted with my family and friends. They encouraged and gave me their words to support me through the program. Holding a graduate degree says a great deal about you. Graduate courses are taught to small, select groups who are capable of learning at a fast rate. The graduate courses impart a level of technical understanding that is hard to achieve once in full-time employment. Most subjects involve practical work that improves skills and builds additional techniques.
Moreover, students learn to work and study by themselves. Graduate degree will make me more marketable and stable. It will radically increase my self-fulfillment, self-esteem and self-assurance. It will make me a candidate that many companies are thirsty to have in their teams. Today employers are intensively searching or hunting people with higher degree that can make them achieve their business objectives with the skills and the knowledge they have obtained from prestigious universities like this University.

Finally with the commitment, determination and discipline to my family, work at my career and attend a communication degree program, I am thrilled to pursue a high quality course at this university. Interested in acquiring the skill set and the technical knowledge necessary to excel in this field, this program will certainly pave the way a path to future success for me.  My family and friends may see me as successful man but I know there is more tough way ahead of me and I need to face the challenges with the only weapon—education.
Many years back, mass communication classes used to have only a very few students to study in this particular field and a handful number of students but now the conditions are different   scenario has changed vastly.  In this era, there are many job opportunities for the students of this field. The vast job opportunities thrown by it in different areas like advertising firms, Newspapers, periodicals, publication and production houses, radio and Television are sufficient to attract any student towards taking up this course vis-√†-vis others.
Apart from number of jobs, the challenge, creative satisfaction and good salary package with many facilities and attractive package that these jobs are some of the other features for the students to move towards the field of communication.
In addition, if one wants name and fame this is the best field. Mass communication course mainly includes various streams, which include advertising to Journalism to Public Relations. Therefore, we can say that this particular field has many good opportunities for the students who want to adopt this career and want to get more related education.
As for the milestones I have achieved during the studies of this course, I completed my coursework and dissertations with flying colors. I was duly appreciated for all the labor and hard work that I put in to achieve maximum success by my teachers. I have been progressively improving effort, taking higher leveled courses, and beginning to shed the comfortable shell I have established. My grades should portray my true academic potential so does my course selection. I do not want to say my choice to pursue higher education in communication was a bad choice to make because it certainly was not, rather it definitely taught me new ways to analyze and evaluate different matters of life.
Getting a Masters degree with communication as major subject will address all the requirements I need in my professional pursuit. The degree will give me a deeper and profound understanding of theory and practices of all communication-related activities and businesses and will instill in me the skill of using that very knowledge to my profit.
            Masters degree in communication will also enhance my verbal and writings skills which will help me start off with a promising career.
      This degree will also provide me a good exposure to numerous business opportunities and aspects which are, at present, unknown to me. This degree will broaden my horizon and will give me the opportunity to meet different influential people who are the man of integrity in their specific fields. 
The educational requirements for many jobs have been increasing in recent years because, even though many credentials do not relate directly to job performance, they indicate that the holder have undergone a particular socialization process and demonstrated desired traits that are otherwise difficult to measure; self discipline, responsibility, ability to learn and think, and willingness to “play by the rules”. Since only 8.9 percent of the U.S. population has a graduate degree this degree will provide me more opportunities to excel my career in the field of business.
To me success is very clich√© to college and getting a career and ultimately one day establishing a family. Because of my hard work my perception of success has been changed, and it is limited no e due to a very genuine reason and ultimately it has been proved that our success depends on the achievements and milestones we get through the studies, just like a chronic smoker I am relly trying to quit it and I feel that is will be my achievement to stop smoking. 
Secondly we communicate to get the achievement and successes, for me is about making goals and achieving them on time and keep moving in the right direction in the career of your choice.
One should always hold back the fear of losing be it a job or anything else. I believe that just because of my actions, perception and approach, the chances of my success have already increased and never out of grasp. Throughout my academic career, has my performance been exceptional in terms of intellectual ability and lacking academic effort. (Bowles and Herbert, 1976)
A quick look at my college transcript can compel the admissions office to place my application to the “approved” pile rather quickly, but with a more in depth diagnostic, one can extrapolate that a change has, in fact, been occurring subtly.
The peak of my academic achievement can be seen in my junior high school and elementary school development. During that time period, I was seen as top of the class, hard working, and one of the most mentally talented. Every day, I would compete with the other students who were intellectually capable in the class, trying hard to complete assignments before any of the others, with accuracy and efficiency.
At one point in elementary school, I was excused from doing the given class work, and instead, I created the problems for my classmates to do the following day. The only thing at this point that was fueling my ambition was the competition. I have always had an unquenched thirst for knowledge, a need for adrenaline.
The only catalyst for my personal development was technology. I have always had an affinity for computers; so naturally, my thirst for competition was heightened by my habitual computer usage. I spent hours every day researching technology, building computers, and writing code for programs but still never let it affect my academic studies. Several of my teachers during High School always used to praise me asking me to channelize my talent in the right direction. Some even went to call me a rough diamond. (Reich, 1991)
All in all, university graduates earn about on an average of 78% more income than non-college graduates. I have firm conviction that people who earn post-graduate degrees can earn even more if they do not allow location, job responsibilities, travel demands and family needs to stand in the way of pursuing a promising career.
The fact that the course I have chosen will provide me a vehicle to sharpen my skills, expand the horizon of my knowledge and a prolific future cannot be stressed more.  I am rest assured that the course of study and area of research specialization will guarantee a great future and life for me ahead.

Essay B
Contemporarily the most talked about and debated issue that has almost rattled the foundations of national security and surveillance in the midst when the most technologically sophisticated and innovatory devices are present for ensuring data security is the famous whistle blower website of Wiki leaks.
 Pioneered by the Australian computer programmer and hacker Julian Assange, the website becomes the centre of attention for mainstream global media with the political turmoil that it evoked after the release of the US diplomatic cables. The release of these secret and confidential cables where on one hand has facilitated and further catalysed the political, economic and social turbulence already dominating the international arena has on the other hand also posed a serious question on the issues related to privacy and secrecy related to information and its subsequent dissemination.
Furthermore, it has also created a question mark regarding the credibility of the custodians and gatekeepers of such highly classified information which if disclosed or leaked can become a serious threat and danger for the national security of the country.
According to an article that was written by Julian himself in The Australian he said that with the emergence of Wiki Leaks, the field of journalism and the previously existing frontiers of communication and information control has entered into a completely new phase, a phase that can be referred to as the era of scientific journalism or the scientific control and authority of information to people who are its end users.
With the help of scientific use of journalistic information and control people can not only view the specified information that is presented to them, but also possess the facility and convenience of accessing the document from the excerpt has been extracted. But unfortunately the information that has been disclosed by the website has received widespread criticism and has been dubbed as mere hogwash, propaganda and disinformation.
Moreover it is also interesting to mention that none of the states or leaders of states that have been mentioned in these cables have not expressed any sort of denial regarding the information that has been provided about them in these cables, as a matter of fact most of the countries have been publishing self-contradictory statements in an attempt to counter the allegations imposed by wiki leaks.
At one place they say that the information is completely fallacious and on the other hand they say that it has put their national interest and security at risk. Hence through both ways they intend to indoctrinate people by coercing them to believe that the entire website is composed of brainwashing fallacies and hoaxes.
Thus, all attempts are being made to declare Wiki leaks a threat or project it in a way through which it can be proved as being detrimental to the concept and existence of liberty and a means through which the privacy of an individual can easily be invaded or encroached. Such attempts basically signify their attempts to actually incorporate a negative image regarding the website that it publishes and misguide people at the same time in order to make them believe that the information being published by the website is in fact inaccurate and nothing but a stock of bilge.
 At the same time it is not even difficult to realize the dangers that states have experienced from the information of wiki leaks. The leakage of information has actually rattled the power structure and equation that powerful states were striving to develop in the world by asserting their hegemony over weaker states and has actually exposed their gruesome and horrendous intentions through which they intend to fulfil their regional as well as global objectives. 
            A positive outcome as to what I personally feel has been fostered by the emergence of wiki leaks is that it has enlightened the long forgotten fact that liberty and accountability are two symbiotically related concepts. Liberty without the concept of accountability is incomplete and void; hence even the powerful states have been scandalized that even their secret information and confidential documents can be disclosed due to which they can face embarrassment of the rest of the world, hence in other words I provide wiki leaks complete credit and recognition for rejuvenating the feeling of accountability among all states on a uniform scale.
            As described the current area of my research is the most talked about and round making whistle blower wiki leaks as what has been described above about the information that has been provided regarding the website.
Research conduction is one of the pivotal steps through which a person develops a position to reach upon a rational conclusion regarding an issue. It is therefore important that the research regarding any issue is conducted from sources which are completely disinterested, non-prejudiced, and impartial and based on substantiated facts rather than on conspiracy theories.
In this context it is also important to mention that the information which has been disclosed by wiki leaks has been published in almost all newspapers and has been reported by almost the entire global media whether it is New York Times, The Guardian or De Spiegel which shows that the information provided by the website was accurate and clear and was therefore reported by these highly credible sources and mediums of information.  
The research agenda that I usually follow bears a lot of similarity to the classical liberal method of research method which is based upon the principles of freedom of expression and speech, free market, press and religion.
If any research is conduced by keeping in mind the principles that have been laid down by classical liberals regarding the field and necessary injunctions of research it would be much easier to insulate the research from all kinds of biases and unnecessary information that can contaminate the entire study.
It is important that the agenda of research is based upon the principles of rationality and proper logic through which an unbiased and logic supported can be presented to people. Only in that sense I believe we can actually understand the true meaning of liberty.  


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