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August 30, 2012

Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Be Opened to Oil Drilling

"To make our economy sustainable, oil drilling is the best way"
By starting with the above mentioned thesis statement, I will further elaborate the topic by providing various aspects of oil drilling. Oil is one of the major problems in our economy. If you really want to success, then you should go for oil drilling as it provides you with all the other resources too. Apart from this, all the natural resources are known as the best one and if they are sufficient in any economy then an economy can flourish and can generate effective outcomes too.
Along with this, one of the main and essential controversies that are nowadays in consideration is whether to open arctic national wildlife open for oil drilling or not. This is one of the main issues that no doubt need a lot of discussion and feedbacks too. This is a controversy in Unites States that is moving forward since 1977. Numerous suggestions, concepts and thoughts are provided by various democrats, politicians and many other people in favor of this issue as well as in against. Around 19,000,000 acres area is covered by arctic national wildlife in United States. No doubt, it is one of the best protected places for the wildlife too.
Question that arises here is whether to allow drilling in arctic national wildlife refugee or not? There are various opinions supporting this point and numerous decisions opposing this point. What politicians believe is to generate more and more no matter who ever is being harmed or damaged. In fact, our economy is facing challenges related to oil and we as a nation need oil in order to boost up our economy. By oil drilling, arctic national wildlife refuge, we as a nation can consume a lot of benefits too and this will be no doubt a positive sign for our nation. However, if we look on the other side, wildlife will be damaged and this is not good at all. This is the only single place for them where they can actually get protection and if we snatch the shelter then where they will go. Thus, this debatable topic needs a lot of attention too. In this paper, points supporting this statement and some point opposing this are mentioned with the help of which we as a nation can actually decide how and in what ways and conditions we can consume more and more by not harming or damaging any living source.
At first, it was decided that all the arctic regions should be opened for oil and natural resource purposes. As it was already demanded that country needs oil and gas resources and thus these regions should be worked on in order to help the economy. In present situation of an economy, oil reserves are low and economy really needs oil reserves in order to move towards better directions. Oil drilling in this region is thus termed as one of an important way that can lead towards some betterment. This paper will further discuss about various people thoughts and arguments that can lead toward a positive conclusion too. (Lynne, 2003)

One of the main reasons behind oil drilling in arctic national wildlife refuge is to consume more oil resources in order to make our economy stable enough. According to a rough estimate, oil consumption from this region will be ranging from 0.4 to 1.2 percent that is somehow sufficient amount in order to make our economy stable. Oil problems are increasing day by day and this is thus termed as one of an important ways with the help of which our economy can do something different and can generate something effective too. One of the major factor that leads towards various issues and problems is the lack of oil reserves. Arctic region will no doubt give something that can help in building up of an economy but on the other side, various issues will also arise from this fact. Therefore, first a proper analysis is require in order to make sure that this process will help further in the future too.
Below mentioned are some of the points that are for and against this statement.

Former President George W. Bush along with his administrative team members supported this concept and they believed that by this method, we can consumer more by cheap ways too and thus our revenue can increase. Along with this, Sarah Palin also supported this statement. She further added that we are looking for something around 2000 acres and this drilling method is one of the way with the help of which we can do something innovative and by this latest technology we can generate something effective and efficient too. It was estimated that around 51% of Americans supported oil drilling method whereas remaining were not in favor of this method.
Various issues came under consideration that was in favor of oil drilling in this region. Oil drilling is one of the methods with the help of which our economy can rise and can flourish too. Therefore, these people supported this latest technique and were in favor of this only to make their economy well organized and stable too. (Lynne, 2003)
None other than, President Barack Obama was the one who was not in favor of oil drilling in arctic region. According to him, he has rejected this method because of the wildlife. One of the main sources of protection for them is this region and if oil drilling takes place then where they will go? Who will protect them? In addition, what will be their future? These were the points that were raise by him and thus was not in favor of this method. Another important reason due to which people did not accept this method was the amount of oil consumption. According to a research, Arctic region is not sufficient in oil resources and thus there will be no benefit in drilling this area. The only reason why Barack Obama was not in favor of this method was the exact amount of consumption. For any economy, when new methods or ways are tried to be implemented, first detailed research is to be carried forward in order to evaluate as well as to rectify the main areas and the outcomes too. According to US fish and wildlife services, oil drilling is one of the worst way that can lead towards destructions and wildlife will be thus completely damage.

Apart from increasing oil reserves and boosting up an economy, another major issue that can lead towards various other problems is environmental issue. While doing oil drilling and harming wildlife, environment will also be affected and this is not ethical. If we look from business perspective, we will think that by this method, we can gain enough and can generate effective outcomes too. But, if we look at the other end, by this method we are harming our environment and ruining wildlife too. As general public, we are totally unaware from the situations that how and in what ways oil drilling can be harmful for us. This process will for sure emit various polluted resistance that can lead towards various other issues too. Therefore, it is really important to consider all the internal as well as external issues before starting any new project. (Vaughn, 2007)

With the help of all the above stated discussion, one thing that clicks to my mind is what will happen in future if oil drilling actually takes place? Wildlife's source of living is this region and if oil drilling takes place then where they will go? The only way of protection for them is this region. I would thus like to conclude this paper by stating that before starting any process, the main need and the demand of oil should be rectifies and then one should carry a detailed research in order to know that what we will actually get from this oil drilling process.
In fact, we as a nation requires a great amount of oil and we are no doubt lacking from this main thing. Politicians, democrats and many other leaders thus assume that by oil drilling we can have sufficient amount of oil reserves that can make our economy sufficient and successful one too. I would like to add that first try to evaluate how much your economy needs and if this region is sufficient than start the process and make sure that, you are protecting the wildlife too.
Apart from all the issues, cost of the project should be first evaluated properly and then one should move forward. If we are not generating enough revenue then we should not go for this process. Along with this, environmental issues should be kept in consideration and we all as a nation should think over it. This is one of an important issue that is prevailing now a days and we are totally unaware from the hard and fast rules related to it. Therefore this is our foremost duty to first evaluate, rectify and then move forwards to implement any further process in order to make our economy stable and effective too.
Oil drilling is one of the processes that no doubt need time, use of technology and various other labor powers too. Therefore, all the points should be kept under consideration and then one should move forward. If anyone or we neglect these important concepts, then it will be harmful for us and it will ruin our economy too.
Therefore, in order to protect our economy from not being shattered, better practices should be applied in order to make our economy the best one. If oil drilling is regarded as the best way after evaluation, then an economy should go for it otherwise it is not good at all to ruin the wildlife. If you are going with the oil drilling process, first try to protect and give shelter to the wildlife too. In this case, every single aspect is important and one should try to first overview them and then move forward. Decisions should always be made according to the present situation of an economy and by keeping in mind the future position. In this case, decision should only be taken if there is such need and the process will surely generate effective outcomes too. Otherwise, going with this method is not a good way because it will harm many other areas too. (Miller & Spoolman, 2008)


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