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August 21, 2012

Are we Free? Essay Topic

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Are we free?

The concept of destiny, its scientific and tangible existence has always been an issue of immense debate and argument for people, scholars, and philosophers in almost all phases of time. It has been observed that despite of all the preemptive measures that people for any upcoming event or situation, it requires a nick of time to disrupt all the arrangements and planning that has so flawlessly been made, organized and managed.
At that precise moment the belief in the concept of destiny and its supernatural existence dawns upon us. We then question ourselves regarding the fleeting and void existence of terminologies like free will and freedom of expression.
 At the same time we also register inquiries regarding the presence of a divine force that supervises and secretly monitors all our actions and activities that we are engaged in and at the same time provides us with a non-existent feeling that we are free and totally independent.
During the course of this discussion we would be looking at the various aspects and dimensions of destiny, freedom and free will from the spectacles of different characters that have been presented in the movie, Capitalism: a love story by the renowned filmmaker Michael Moore, Tits up in a Ditch by Annie Proulx and Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner by Allen Sillitoe.

Capitalism: A love story
Made by the critically acclaimed and at the same time most feared filmmaker in US, Michael Moore this time went on to a venture to explore the causes and the subsequent effects of the economic recession and Wall street market crash that affected the lives of thousands of American people in the form of their retrenchment, selling of properties and non-payment of salaries.
Apart from the adverse economic repercussions of the market crash, the film also raises questions regarding the existence of the fate of the people that were befooled in the name of a provision of a better living standard. In order to carefully understand the situation it is important to comprehend that the opinion of people are influenced by a number of forces that work around them, but concurrently one cannot justify it by simply comprising or marginalizing his or her own rationale. Even in this situation people before investing their money or taking a loan from bank might have thought about ways of returning it back.
Moreover I also feel that the people of US have still not fully understood the vicious nexus of enslavement that their economic system tries to trap them in, hence in the case of these people I would say that it was their individual folly that brought many of them on the brink of bankruptcy, but yes at the same time the film also provokes them to understand the ways through which the government of the country on its own accord engineered an entire market crash that led to the insolvency of people.
Hence it can be said that their actions in this context was not even planned by a divine entity but by a group of people that manipulated them and their future to every extent possible. (Oliver, 2009)
Loneliness of a long distance runner
The story revolves around the character of Smith who has been confined in Ruxton Towers to serve his sentence.
During his stay there he seeks solace in long distance running through the help of which he is able to win cross-country race, however at the precise moment despite of the fact that Smith could easily win he stops from the finishing line in order to manifest his gesture and existence of freedom and free will.
In addition to this the story also tells us about the fact that regardless of all the economic and social complications that people are confronted with, their level of determination and enthusiasm can automatically pave ways through which they can write their own destiny. (Sillitoe, 2010)
Tits Up in a Ditch
In Tits up in a ditch the central character of the story Dakota whose life is ravaged since her childhood in the form of her rejection from her parents and then ending up as a pregnant mother and deserted by her husband Sash.
The circumstances that she goes through in her life are a reflection of her sheer skeptism regarding the existence of any destiny or the scientific evidence of any divine entity. I would agree with the fact that the number of choices that were at her disposal was highly limited.
Since her birth she was not offered good education or training and therefore she had no other option but to enter the army where she lost her arm. Secondly I would also agree with the fact that the choices she made according to the circumstances further facilitated in the limitation of choices in the long-run. After losing her arm she further deprived herself from conducting any such work that is manual and hence became a burden on others also. (Prolulx, 2008)
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