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August 22, 2012

Argumentative Essay Example

Article Rebuttal
Argument for Additional Computers
In order to support this article the only thing I can say is that, computers are very important in the new age and an expansion of computer labs in any college or an institute lifts the image up. But in the race of technology to keep up with the new age, we are demoralizing the old and most beneficial aspects of learning like bigger Libraries, more books and practical. Reading a book is far better than using a computer as a tool to understand any laws, life or a topic.
Although the computer holds the world over the internet, but often you are diverted from one thing to another and lose focus on a particular assignment or topic which was given at the time. Computers are not practical enough to give a perfect scenarios or understandings to a given situation, it might be easy to pull up different videos over the internet to relate to different peoples experiences but a practical done yourself is completely different and to me, is always an unforgettable learning or an experience.
The argument presented in the article strongly advocates the enhancement of computers or computer labs and the author strongly suggests the use of technology which he or she thinks is important to provide better education or to make the life of students exciting and easy. What I would like to ask though, whatever happened before computers were introduced.
Was education not exciting and possible? I would say it was very exciting and better as the challenge was more practical and helpful. Now everyone is expected to be a computer genius and should know how to create power point presentations, spread sheets, word documents and be familiar with the latest software’s.
The overall argument does not mean that computers are not important, as a matter of fact they are. In this increasingly changing world of new technologies being introduced each day, one has to keep pace with the advanced changes that are rapidly happening in the new age. But I strongly feel that money or efforts from the colleges or institutes should not only be to keep pace with technology but also be to preserve the old dying norms of life which were more practical and better.
Logical fallacies, every student should be educated to the new technology so that they can keep them in the race and be competent with the other students in the world but should not make themselves dependant on the technology itself because if it fails them anywhere they should also be ready to face the challenges and handle things manually themselves.
Students should be competent in all the fields and so the integration of different facilities in any college or an institute should be equally divided in different fields like, Sports, Library, computer labs, etc to keep a balance and bring out a complete and productive student who is ready to face the challenges of the world.
The argument includes irrelevant expansion of book stores with perhaps more CD’s, gifts and snacks and then concludes that there already are a lot of snack bars, music stores and bookstores in the college and also exaggerates that we would not want our college to be known as a place with great bookstores.

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