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August 22, 2012


Balancing studies along with family and work is a challenging task that is fulfilled properly by few people. Maintaining a balance between all three is difficult but one can do it without facing any difficulty if he/she is perfect in decision making and planning. When you want to create a balance among these three, an essential element is proper planning. If proper planning is done at right time and right place, then balancing can be much easier as compare to other ways. Being a student who is enrolled in Penn Foster College, I found set of difficulties surrounding me while studying and working. What I try to do is to maintain a proper balance among work, studies and family in order to fulfill the demands of all three. Sometime no doubt, it becomes really difficult for a student to balance work, studies and family. As a result what happens is that any one of three left apart from you and thus one has to suffer. I personally believe not to sacrifice my family, neither work nor studies. Therefore, my best option is to let them be a part of my life so that none of them will be neglected and I will enjoy my life too.
I was enrolled in Masters Program at Penn Foster College. Being a part of this reputable college was one of my success and my goal was to make it an achievement for me. Along with this I was working at a company and was also a part of a family too. Thus, my responsibilities comprises of doing work at office, studying and taking care of my family. In the beginning, I was really worried and was thinking how to balance all three at once. But later, I came to know that if I really want to achieve success in my life, what I am suppose to do is to maintain a proper level of balance among these three and try to build up a proper decision making process on the basis of which I can further move towards betterment. There was a time when I felt over burdened, I was worried and was tired too. However, all this went in to vain when I was capable enough to maintain all three properly and effectively. The important tools that are necessary for balancing things in an appropriate manner are:
  • Best decision making authority
  • Flexibility
  • Compromising nature
If you are capable enough to decide and are flexible, who can fit in any kind of situation and can compromise too then you are the leader. You can do whatever you want and can gain success in your life too. This is what I believe and did practice too and now I am at a position where I can proudly say that I am happy with my work, successful in my studies and living a happy life with my family too. This is the best way with the help of which you can reach to some high position and can gain success too.
Penn Foster College is one of the reputable colleges. I myself feel proud being a part of this college and want to be more successful too. I am sure I will gain success because I am perfect in decisions and I am handling all the other matters efficiently, effectively and by implementing strategies. This is only a way that can lead you towards betterment. Try them out and I am sure you will gain success and feel proud of yourself too. So just start building confidence in you and try to balance all the things properly in your life. If you are the best in balancing all the matters in an appropriate manner, then no external source can harm you and no external source can ruin your career. This is what I believe and today I am at a place where I feel proud being a part of this institute where I am gaining high scores and along with this, I am best at my other matters too. If you are best in balancing, success is yours. So do not waste your time in thinking, just start your life by enjoying and maintaining a proper balance between every relation and responsibility. 
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