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August 22, 2012

Bio ethical Issues related to Organ Donation

As mentioned above, my topic of discussion is organ donation. Organ donation is a process in which removal of tissues takes place from a person who has expired. With the help of this process, other person's life can be saved too. Healthy organs and tissues are usually removed from expired person. This process takes place after the brain deaths. This is a process with the help of which no doubt lives can be protected but, whether this process is ethical or unethical is a debate (Brezina, 2009).
Different nations have different concepts regarding organ donation process. In United States, organ donation is encouraged. According to the specific rules and regulations, certain laws should be fulfilled and thus this process can take place. In Europe, organ donation is not followed or practiced. It all depends on individuals whether they are ready to follow this practice or not. In Japan, organ donation process is not followed in a high rate as compare to other countries.
According to the survey of various nations, organ donation is thus, a process that is purely dependant on individuals. If they are willing to do this, they can otherwise they cannot. Detailed checkup and examination is required when organ donation is going to take place. Teams of doctors do proper analysis in order to check the viability of the particular organ and to make it possible and workable enough for the receiver. Before starting the process, permission is required from the court in order to make this process legal.

Bioethical Issues
After mid 1970, some bioethical issues were raised regarding the process of organ donation. These issues were termed as relevant and important too.
i.                    Teleological issues
Teleological issues are the most important ethical based issues that were raised after 1970's. These issues are related to the black market. People in this concept are also involved in black market and thus theft of organs took place. An important issue that is related to this aspect is murder. For instance, when anyone is in need of any organ and he/she cannot get it operated, the only solution is theft or murder. This is one of important and emerging issues that is rising and becoming an ethical issue too. This is not at all correct and thus can generate numerous problems too. Along with this, organs are being sold at an expensive rate too. Thus, only rich can have the access and poor left behind. In addition, this important issue needs a lot of consideration.
Some major issues included in this are:
(a)    Financial exploitation
(b)   Physical exploitation
Financial exploitation is one of the major issues that really need consideration. Donors are not paid enough and thus this is becoming an important issue. Organ donation is a process that is taken place when a person who is donating his/her organ is alive too. However, financial issue emerges when donors are not getting enough amount.
On the other side, physical exploitation is another major problem prevailing in the nation. Operations are somehow risky and due to this, donor's life is at risk. Thus, it should be kept in mind that operations should be done under special observations.
ii.                  Deontological issues
Another important bioethical issue is deontological issue. According to some of the researchers and authors, organ donation is not ethical at all and this is termed as a crime. According to them, this process can lead towards various major problems too. Therefore, one should avoid this process and should not carry it further.
Cloning is thus an important controversial issue but it is still under consideration.
Political issues are also highlighting this major phenomenon and according to various authors, it is not good at all and should not be accepted. Some of the leaders no doubt believes that organ donation is a legal process and people can carry it in order to save others life.

Ethical or Unethical
In my opinion, organ donation is not ethical at all. However, this question has two dimensions. It can be ethical when donor is readily accepted to donate his/her organ, but after death, organs should not be donated because this is one of humiliating causes for the person too. No matter he is no more in the world but still this is unethical. (Egendorf, 2009)
Organ donation usually takes place among family members; friends also donate their organs to their friends too. When there is a need and will, this process is legal and ethical, but when a person is not willing to donate his/her organ, then this is an unethical process that leads towards various harmful affects too.
Ethically this is not correct, laws should be made accordingly and it should be amended in every single nation too.
According to religion, those processes can take place when there is any need and any chances to save other person's life. Thus, it is accepted somehow but it is also mentioned that all the possible majors should be taken into an account before starting the process.
As mentioned earlier, organ donation is a process that is no doubt practiced in many countries. The aim behind this process is to save the life but this should not take place when other person's life might fall in danger. By highlighting all the major issues, I would like to add that this process if taken place should be accomplished by set of qualified doctors in order to make this process legal and ethical too. While doing an operation, all the safety measures should take place in order to save the life of the donor as well as the recipient. Various infections can take place, thus all the possible majors should be taken place (Grinkovskiy, 2009)
Organ donation is thus a process that can save one person's life by putting the other person's life in danger. Thus, first try to make all the safety measures and do a proper checkup of the receiver as well as donor in order to be at the safe side in the future. Organ donation is one of critical as well as important processes that do need many careful measures. Religiously it is accepted if there is a need and if we look at the other end, many scholars accepted this process when there is a specific need.
I would like to conclude my paper by mentioning the importance of health in every person's life. Health is an asset that is needed by every single person. It is one’s aim and target to take very good care of it in order to be successful in life. When anyone needs help from someone and he is in such a position to help the person by giving his organ, he can proceed and if it is not possible, then it is better not to make  life difficult. Thus, before all the procedures and actions, proper examination and careful analysis is needed in order to make sure that there is no possibility of any further danger. This is one of an important as well as crucial step that should be taken place according to the rules and regulations and the laws of the respective nation. Where one is allowed, he can proceed further, where he is not, one should act according to the specific rules and laws.

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