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August 22, 2012

College Admission Essay

3:01 PM

After doing work with Captain Hope's kids, which is one of a charity that helps in providing necessary item to needy children. After the completion of the work, one day sitting alone in my room and looking outside the window I realized about those needy people who are living around us and we are very unaware from their lives. We actually don't know about their lives, their needs and despite from all these facts, we are busy in our life. Like us, there are children who want to study, play, wear neat and clean clothes but they are helpless. However, hope is still there. We all can change their lives by our little effort. If we all join our hand in order to do something for those needy people, surely their lives can be changed and they can lead a contended life.
When I was working for the charity program, I realized that like us, many children are there who are needy and are studious too but due to the lack of resources, they are helpless to do anything. I myself have changed a lot and forced my family and friends too in order to help those people who are in need. If we have money, we can spend it on charity rather than spending on our leisure activities. Right in my backyard, there are many homeless children who are in need of shelter, who are needy and want some help in order to turn their lives towards a positive end.
Now it is our foremost responsibility to help those people by spending our time, money and efforts. Money is not the main issue, they need our time and attention too. Therefore, we all should join our hands together in order to make their lives beautiful and colorful. They are human beings like us and they all have equal rights to live bright and colorful life. Thus, now we all should stand up and do something for those people especially children who want to enjoy the joy of life but are far behind the luxuries and success.
By this, we can make our nation strong, bright and the best one. Not in our country, we should try to help all those needy people including children who are anywhere in the world. Charity is something by which you can make yourself feel proud and you will make others happy too.
Therefore, we all should try to follow right ways in order to help children or people who want to touch the sky and want to enjoy the colors of life. In the end, I would like to say, helping hand is far better and by this you can gain success in the world and hereafter. Therefore, try to help people and make the future bright of those children who want to study but are helpless due to lack of resources. If you can do anything for them just do it and let them enjoy the life too. (Vostanis & Cumella, 1999)

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