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August 17, 2012

Dream Job as an Educator

6:03 PM

Dream Job Dialogue

Friend: Dear friend, how do you see your future as an educator?
Myself: Being an educator, I envision my future with bright prospects. Teaching kids has remained on the top of my priority that is why I opted to pursue educational aims quite enthusiastically.
Friend: What do you believe will be the future of American K-12 education, and how will you make an impact on it?
Myself: As a matter of fact, American K-12 system accommodates various ethnic and demographic groups and it can safely be said the future of America as being a country well-equipped with technological and scientific innovations rests on the K-12 that we are imparting today. It is my responsibility to prepare myself, affiliates, and students capable enough to meet the future requirements and fill the vacuum that lies today in K-12 educational system.
It is incumbent on me to arrange for adequate facilities and teacher training programs to make a positive impact on the overall educational system. There is a pressing need to utilize and invest all the available and possible resources in the K-12 system to save the future of our nation.  Keep in mind, our education has to create tomorrow’s leaders, scientists, engineers, and intellectual. In order to make it possible, everyone will have to contribute to the process.

Friend:     What are the career possibilities you for in the field of education?
Myself: I want to nurture young pupils enabling them to realize their  full potential. By doing this, I have the feeling of a leader, advancing civilization, creating the society, impacting the world for the betterment. I am intrigued with how children learn their need to explore the world and their interests. That is not that easy, but this for sure is gratifying and challenging for me.

Friend: What is your dream job in the world of education and why are you qualified for it?

Myself: Teachers, after some years in the career, look in the mirror and see a person they like because they have helped a lot of students to get success on their own. For me, teaching does not pay much money, but in terms of your personal dignity, it is invaluable. The satisfaction that comes from the fact that the students you taught are now working as valuable assets to various organizations, government offices playing a pivotal part in the collective growth and prosperity of our country and nation. It is indeed a dream job when you see the dreams and aims of your students coming true through unflinching dedication, labor, and sincerity.
I am all fit for this job because I have an innate aptitude towards teaching. I like to speak, teach, and share all the valuable experiences and knowledge of life with others. It gives my students an opportunity to learn from it. Teaching is a light that dispels darkness from the face of the earth. I want to be part of the process. Nothing gives me more happiness than the fact I am making a little contribution to the growth and prosperity of my country.


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