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August 22, 2012

Essay Case Study Example

Individual Case Study


Human personality has huge impact on other perception because personality is the first impression of one style and abilities. Personality can be groomed with numerous other traits like leadership, management styles, interaction styles with colleagues and other conflict management abilities just to ensure a well attracted and smart personality. In this essay we are intended to discuss a case study of our closed one just to analyse his or her personal strength and weakness in the social settings. In order to accomplish this work I have decided to select my Professor as my target. He has taught me literature courses. Hen is a man of great conviction and he always proved his abilities not by his discussions but always by his action and by real life examples of his life. He has got very strong and influencing personality and he worked sincerely with the basic aim to bring change in the society.

Reason of Selecting this Individual
In our daily lives we come across from numerous personalities. Some of them inspired us a lot and some people leave no impression on our mind. In my case I have selected my Professor as my targeted individual. His life time achievements and objectives are the real inspiration for me. He has got a charismatic personality and he has got strong leadership and influencing power to control the audience. I have studied around numerous courses and one thing that I like most about his personality is hi high quality intellect and his capability to deliver his knowledge to other with smooth process.

Personality profile
   My professor has got very strong influencing personality. He can lead his class from the front. In order to better evaluate his personality I preferred to take a MBTI test of his personality and I concluded the following details:

Personality type
He has got a extrovert personality and he never keep anything inside he always believe in explaining things in better ways just to ensure the conveyance of emotions and knowledge to others.

Personality Strength
He can understand others inside very easily and he listen others for a long period of time. As we all know that listening other simply means to give them respect and to make them realise that we have open our heart to listen their thoughts and insights.
Personality Weakness
Although my Professor has numerous positives traits but sometimes he losses his patience on some negative thoughts of others and in order to clear other thoughts and perception he reject their opinion and question just to make sure that he must come towards the righteous path and he must learn the right thing about the topic instead of wandering here and there to in search of excellence.

Motivation Analysis
My professor is a great motivator. He knows it very well that how he has to motivate his class or students to lead them towards the most successful path of life. There are following important motivational traits of my professor that make his personality different from all others:

Working collaboratively
My Professor believes in working collaboratively with students in all projects and works because he believes that students need appropriate supervision in order to execute their required projects and assignments.

Act as a live example
My professor always appears as a real sense of inspiration by his real life achievements. He always tries to give real motivating examples from the history and he also comply historical achievements with the current example of modern times. This elaboration really gives us sense that yes there are still numerous opportunities in our surrounding and we can still excel in our field if we want to attain it.

Difference between my Motivation & target motivation style
Well in this question it is difficult to answer this query silly because my entire inspirational and motivation is from my professor. The basic difference lies between me and him is I get motivated with the achievement of others while my professor gets his desired level of motivation by himself solving all the problems and solutions by his own intellect and knowledge.

Stress Management   
Stress overload is one of the most prevalent problems in the world today. Although many people acknowledge that their work life is stressful, many others are overstressed and don't even realize it. There are two kinds of stress: good stress, known as eustress, and bad stress or distress. Both can cause us significant difficulty if they exceed our individual stress tolerance level. You may ask why good stress could be problematic. The body recognizes both eustress and distress as change, and it is change that causes the problem. The pace of change is so fast in our society, and few of us are untouched by it.

How professor treat stress
My professor is very well skilled in managing the stress problems. He always perform his task and duties on time to ensure proper deadline meeting and he always takes deep breath in order to control the internal body temperature so that he ca handle all the problems and issues easily.

Difference between me and Professor
There is a huge difference between me and my professor in case of managing stress. I usually take absurd steps and decision in order to solve the situation immediately on the other hand my professor believes in managing stress by avoiding all kind of chaos from the processes and to streamline the process in such a way that everything must be appropriately done and nothing should be in panic and haste.

Communication Style
In this contemporary world it is really necessary to have strong communication skills. The most common and important feature of communication skills is listening skills. Listening is an art basically more patience we will develop to listen more expert communicator we can become in our environment and in our organisation. In case of my selected personality he has strong and powerful communication skills. He delivers all of his understanding and communication effectively and efficiently by understanding the environment and by analysing the audience needs. He delivers his lecture according to the level of audience and he also give enough time to the audience to ask numerous question to make their problems clear and solved.

One thing needs to be improve about my targeted personality
In fact I can’t exactly suggest any improvement to my professor but for the sake of improvement I would suggest him to allow class for group discussion and inviting students in front of the class to speak. It will reduce public speaking fright and it will also make them confident speakers in front go the audience and public.

Target Response on this case study
If my target will study this case study then his response will be very normal because he knows it very well that he has this weakness and he will also try his best to meet all the requirements and needs in order to improve his personality and communication styles.

Professor Leadership trait
Leadership is the most important feature in one’s success and development. Without proper leadership skills and development no organisation can excel and no organisation can attain its desired objectives without following appropriate leadership styles and techniques. Yes it is an undeniable fact that leadership makes a prominent difference in the organization over all operations and functions. In fact leadership is a strategy that can be implemented any time and any where to solve all types of problems. Not only this, leadership is a popular topic in the world where it has become the particular concern of business interests. It is also of interest to psychologists in that it combines social influence with other social-psychological and psychological variables.

Professor Leadership Style
My professor has charismatic style of leadership he believes in appreciating his subordinates and juniors to increase their productivity and to give them enough confidence so that they can successfully take the risk of doing things. Risk taking power is the most distinctive feature of leaders because it is the only things that make them different from the managers.

How to improve leadership styles
Leadership style can be improved by bringing following things in daily style:
 •   Increase students’ coordination by promoting equal culture and values
•    Motivating pupils by rewarding them
•    Proper training of leadership and development
•    Proper flow of communication to reduce the communication among pupils

In the above mentioned paper we have discussed numerous styles and traits of the individual that how he or she can improve his personality by acquiring numerous changes in their lives related to the personality, motivational skills, stress management, and communication styles. All these styles and ideas can really help the individual to attain their desired success and objectives in their real lives and they can also set great examples of their coming generations by attaining their desired objective in timely manner and in using appropriate level of efforts. 
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