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August 24, 2012

Essay on Neuroscience of Personality

3:48 AM

Neuroscience of Personality

The brain is the super function tool in the human anatomy. Our brain is huge and unexplored so he irony is that mankind utilises only a small part of its conscience.
According to the neuroanatomy, the psychological functions of brain are thoughts, feelings, sensation, and intuition. Everyone is facilitated by a human brain weighing same weight, mass and usage but the psychological aspects of every human being differ from one another.
            The psychology of every human being differ according to gender, environment, social capacity and personality traits. Everyone is original in its existence. For instance if we choose 14 boys who have same age (15 years e.g.) living on the same street and belongs to moderate living standards are asked to chose 1 colour out of 4. If the brain function was similar in psychological functions for every human being than all the boys should go for 1 colour, but here the personality trait differs. One of the boys from the group likes bright colour and would choose blood red, the other see divine smoothness in blue, and the other thinks black is more elegant. No one is ever sure about the practical capacity of human brain; it even results in different decision in same circumstances at different level.
The researcher undertook an example on a 20 years old girl who is smart and has an excellent intellectual spark. She was trapped by a killer and has three options to save her life, a knife, a shot gun and an axe within 2 minute. They are placed on equal reachable distance. She chose to kill him with a shotgun. The reason provided was that she could not risk her life if knife or axe missed its aim, alternatively another girl of the same age and brain beauty chose to hit with an axe rather than a shotgun. This shows the wild approach for not just killing the varmint but smashing its existence.
The above discussion simplifies that neuroscience of personality for every brain is not possible. According to a study, dreams depicts the inner personality traits of human brain that teaches relate us with all social environment, wisdom and how to use our hidden skills to develop our wisdom to is fullest. 
Feelings and sensation are incomparable with any other brain irrespective of same gender, social environment, habitant, age and life style. The irony is that the same person in same situation will act differently at multiple times. Moral judgement and instinct can never be same for two different people. At times, similarities do exist but every individual is a master of his own fate and think differently at different times.


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