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August 21, 2012

Essay Paper on Adolescence and Identity Development

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The Identity Development is the key part of human life that actually begins from the childhood and even from the period of infancy. According to the Erik Erikson whose is the personality developer by profession describes the key goal that is having the identity that is coherent in nature by keep avoiding the confusion about that. Here it would be useful to describe that Identity itself is the multifaceted domain that is also the combination of gender and physical identification, ethical norms, beliefs as well as professional and development goals. As described earlier that the process of Identity Development is begun from the childhood stages when a little child start to say the little words such as  “me” and “I”, etc. According to the David Elkind, The adolescent egocentrism theory defined two diverse but associated patterns that are the personal fable and the imaginary audience. The personal fable defines the belief that the personality is exclusive, invulnerable, and powerful. The imaginary audience describes the propensity of adolescents to consider that others are constantly watching and assessing. However the period of adolescence is the catalyst that plays the inevitable role in that connection mean that in the process of Identity Development. The process of seeking the personal identification, is basically the process of development that tell a person about their past and their current status that is key for future development because without knowing the current status it is impossible to develop the future plan that has the quality to reap the utmost benefits in that perspective. According to the James Marcia, there are no any specific stages that a person has to cover step by step or it is mandatory to experience all of these stages that are actually states. James Marcia’s developed states are based on two factors that are does adolescent commend to the identity and does the individual seek the true identity. As far as the States is concerned that are following:
Diffusion: In is this state there is no promise and no exploring as well as no clear idea of one's identity and having no effort to discover that identity. These youngsters may have effort to unearth their identity, but they never resoluted it.
Identity Foreclosure: The adolescent in this state is dedicated to an identity but not as a consequence of their own probing or calamity. Adolescent blindly recognized the identity and significances that were given in infancy by relatives and others. The identity of adolescent is foreclosed until they decide for themselves their right distinctiveness.
Identity Moratorium: They are inauguration to assign to an identity but are still building it. Adolescent has obtained indistinct ideological and work-related promises; he/she is still experiencing the identity search.
Identity Achievement: it is the state of having definite personal values and self- ideas. They are dedicated to ideas and have a sturdy wisdom of self identity. Their identities may be prolonged and further delineated in adulthood, but the fundamentals are there.
The Adolescent and Identity Development have the entangled relation in that connection. The period of adolescence is basically the period for the people who seek their Identity and develop it in term of gender identification, relation and achieving milestones. The period of schooling is the period where an Adolescent develops their identity by portraying their skills and abilities by keep participating in different curricular and non- curricular activities. Here, it would be better to share the real life experience that is done in the quest of Identity Development. In the school I joined the scouting because in the classroom I was average student, although in different subjects I used to score well but overall I was not too much serious in my studies. However, I had desired to be prominent therefore whenever, the academic result announced, I always used to seek my name in the top performers despite that fact that I know myself that what I did during the examination and the rest of whole academic period. Therefore, to pamper my desire to be prominent that people recognized me as the noble and outstanding personality, I joined the scouting. During the scouting activities I tried my best to prove myself and my identity as an energetic and skilled personality by keep indulging and participation in all types of scouting activities, the result was outstanding when I and my personality is recognized and selected for an important occasion where the international delegations were coming to join an annual event (Maisto, and G. Morris 334-336).
Furthermore, In the quest of Identity Development I had some disputes with my parents because they always used to instructed me to do things in this way or that way, when I was the beginning of my adolescence, I had no any idea but with the passage of time I totally faded up of that behavior and attitude. Here it would be better to share a little experience, I had a desire to have the pets but whenever I discussed this desire with my parents they always used to say that there will be no any use to do that activity because you are very careless person and cannot take care about their feeding and cleaning, these remarks was the big barrier in front of me to fulfill the desire to have pets. However, one day I surprisingly bought a dog to satisfy my burning desire, when I entered in home, the question was that where you picked and who gave you money, I tried to satisfy them, I used just my savings and pocket money, the second question was that who will be responsible for this, I again satisfied them but the surprising situation happened at that time when I was feeding, my father came and said you cannot do that because  you could be bited, my father delivered that comments in spite of watching that I already was feeding and the dog was very calm but he again said to me, let me do this activity because the pets are very sensitive but the result was not good, when he tried to feed the dog bited suddenly, he cried and ran to the kitchen for dressing but  I just said at least dog I didn’t behave badly when I was there.
Furthermore, in that connection, it would be better to describe that I never had a good relationship with my mother, she always discourage me to do the bold acts even whenever I used to ask with her about the candy or to have cook my desired meal, instead of fulfilling me demand and desire, she used to cook on her way and said that if you have a candy you will have to lose your teeth. Besides that she used to give me half-cut pencils to do the school work because she had claimed that I am a spoiler and when a new and complete pencil will be given, I am spoiled it by sharpening again and again. These type of behaviors were the key catalysts for me to prefer to stay with my grandmother who was very humble and sweet, she always used to encourage me that there is no need to fear from fear, facing the fear is the sharp knife that itself kill the fear, but the things sudden changed after the grandmother sudden death, there was again a same challenged in front me that was to live with my mother but at that point of time I learned a lot about to face the challenges that the grandmother told and taught me that there is no need to fear from fear, facing the fear is the sharp knife that itself kill the fear. This lesson enable me to stay with my mother by keep trust on own skills and abilities, that lesson was the catalyst to do the bold steps without fear of loss as I described above about the birds adventure, etc. 
The reason behind to share the stories is that unnecessary and the overdoses of instructions transform a shy personality into a rebellion. Furthermore, these types of over instructions are the big barrier in front of confident personality development because every common man including me wants to portray their personality as a confident and successful person so that he or she could be identified as a useful entity for the society.


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