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August 16, 2012

Essay Paper on Anthropology

Santa City School is administrated by a common education board; consist of an elementary and high district built in the year 1895 (Leonard). It provides high quality education to the students living in the city of Santa Cruz and localities from Davenport to Soquel.  The courses offered by school were rich in education, designed to cater the diverse needs of all students ranging from strong academics to music and art. Both districts offer various programs to its students including home based school, independent studies programs and extending education program (Santa Cruz City Schools)
Action to organization members in the form of mutual assumptions, values and belief is referred to an organizational culture influenced by national culture, business environment and founders’ vision and behavior (Wagner-Marsh).
As I moved through my elementary studies to the high school studies, I repeatedly found how work and rewards directed me to learn and helped me in recognizing the values and cultural norms. According to my findings, Santa Cruz conveyed assumptions and values to its students on the basis of three overlapping frameworks. First, in molding student behavior by developing superior habits of behavior to frame education values and engage assigning core values and scheduling opportunities for candidates to learn them.  Second, by deploying ‘multiple intelligences or six thinking hats’ in order to assist the students with dilemma situations and assist them to move towards high level of reasoning by deploying these strategies. Third, to manage the student towards the focal point in terms of climate, building up institutional responsibility taking and student involvement in decision-making and monitoring.
 Our school was used to follow communal approach. During my studies, I tried to have tight grip on these strategies by developing a habit of carrying out discussion with staff and other students, managed to listen to others, amending and changing point of views and through communal decision making.
 I found two strategies behavioral and cognitive that I have to compromise on rather than communal strategy as it was focused on creating open classroom atmosphere and time management ways. The other reason which I found was high demand of these approaches among teachers.
 As a successful graduate from Santa Cruz I believe most of the students usually comprise on cognitive and behavioral strategies as they need hard work and due to enormous pressure of studies at graduate level you often have to get adjusted to these strategies. Academics in Santa Cruz are usually in the form of group discussions, presentation and seminars that requires skills which can be acquired only through following communal and behavioral strategies.
According to my perspective I found communal strategy as one the predominant strategy that values education as it supports involvement in decision making and inclusion and value diversity across communal divisions. However, Santa Cruz favors to deploy cognitive and behavioral strategies as compared to communal strategy due to noteworthy claim made by communal approaches on teachers.


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