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August 21, 2012

Essay Paper on Artists of Costa Rica

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Artists of Costa Rica
Located in the Central American region bordering Nicaragua in the north, Costa Rica which also means the Rich Coast constitutionally abolished its army in the year 1949. Listed among the most developed economies of Latin America, the country ranks 62nd in the year 2010 on the Human Development Index and is therefore cited as one of the countries that have attained a high rate of development in comparison to other countries which have the same income level. On the other hand the country also shows a highly encouraging and commendable position even in the Environmental Performance Index in 2010 where it ranked 3rd and secured first position among all the American countries included in the list. (Blake, 2009)
In addition to this the country has also been awarded as the winner of the Happy Planet Index according to the report published by the New Economics Foundation and is also known as the greenest country of the world. Apart from all these factors for which Costa Rica is famous for some other elements for which the country has not been able to gain substantial acclaim for is the art and artists of the country irrespective of the artistic profession that they are engaged in. but from a broader perspective the artists of the country also constitute an integral and essential part in forming the element of entertainment in the country.
During the course of this discussion we would be discussing some of the artists of the country and will also be shedding light upon the achievements that these artists have been able to acquire in their profession by the contributions and achievements that they have made. It is also important to mention here that the contribution made by artists in the field of arts of Costa Rica cannot be surpassed by any other, therefore during the course of this discussion we would be focusing on the famous and highly reputable painters of the country. (Vorhess and Firestone, 2006)
Francisco Amighetti
Born on July 1, 1907 in San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica is considered as one of the greatest painters and artists whose fame is not only limited to the country but is acknowledged on a global scale. One of the most prominent features of the work had done by Francisco include redefining of the traditional art that was being practiced in the country before he engaged himself in this profession. The first step that was taken by Francisco in this regard was to abandon the classical European tradition of art that was being followed and substituted it with Surrealism and Abstract Expressionism. This change of artwork manifested itself in the form of printmaking techniques of leading painters and artists who had worked in this field.
The effort resulted in the formation of a completely new form of art and artwork which was based on the formation of xylographs which comprised of a portfolio of all famous artists. This was the first of its kind work that was performed in the country in 1934. Despite of the fact that Francisco saw no bright future of painting in the country he still decided to stay in his native land unlike many of his contemporaries and continued his work by furnishing his techniques in drawing, painting and printmaking. This contributes to the fact that almost all his work was displayed in his native country, Costa Rica. It was through his work that he was able to acquire worldwide recognition and was able to raise the flag of artists from Costa Rica to a completely new level. (Pan American Union, 1964)

Gonzalo Morales Sáurez

Costa Rican painter Gonzalo Morales Saurez was born in 1945 and after receiving higher education from the Royal Academy of Arts in Spain he was able to provide a distinguishing and distinctive look to his work by exhibiting his paintings all over the world.
Not only was this but the services of the artist also acclaimed by the country in several public institutions and museums such as Costa Rican Parliament (Asamblea Legislativa), the National Museum of the country (Museo Nacional) the Central Bank (Banco Central de Costa Rica) and Museum of Costa Rican Art (Museo de Arte Costarricense).
All these institutions showcase some of the most magnificent pieces of art made by Saurez. The specialties of Saurez are not only limited to painting but also extend to other forms of art like sculpturing and drawing also. Other than this he is also considered as the pioneer of the photorealist movement.  In addition to this Saurez has also arranged numerous other exhibitions on individual as well as with other artists of the contemporary period. Most of his work was displayed in Costa Rica along with different countries of the world.

Hugo Sánchez Bonilla
Born on February 1, 1940 in Heredia Hugo Sanchez Bonilla is considered as a reputable and highly prominent artist of the country. A special feature regarding his career was that he was not only limited to drawings and paintings but also disseminated this art and skill to other students also by teaching at the University of Central America (UACA). From 1984 onwards he started to teach at his own personal art school.
Sanchez has participated in over 170 art exhibitions which have been held in different countries of the world like El Salvador, Spain, England, Tokyo, Germany and Brasil. Due to the massive recognition and acknowledgement that he has received through his works all over the world he has been awarded with various commendable prizes throughout his artistry career. Some of the most awards and recognitions that he has received include the awarding of Gold medal in the year 1985 for the Costa Rican Institute of Tourism 30th anniversary and then again in 1994 in which he was once again awarded the gold medal for Pfizer Grand Prize "Costa Rican Watercolor 5th homenage. Both of these medals were awarded to him for his paintings Callejon and Entrada respectively.
Out of all the Costa Rican artists the services, contributions and achievements made by Sanchez are completely irrevocable and unparallel. He was not only a revolutionary artist but also a great leader and teacher who has transferred this art, skill and aesthetic sense of art and painting to the future generations of artists belonging not only to Costa Rica but to people who have a liking and admiration for art anywhere in the world.  (Books Llc, 2010)    


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