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August 22, 2012

Essay Paper on Criminals-tic Info

Crimianalistics Info
Case # 1
The fact about hit and runs is that not merely do most hit-and-run drivers stay undiscovered, but even those who are wedged hardly ever get harsh sentence for having run away. If a hit-and-run driver reasons possessions damage but no important bodily injury, the offence is a wrong. That more often than not means a fine and perhaps neighbourhood service.
Hit-and-run drivers who damage people face a harsher verdict for vehicular battering than for running away, Sparks says. But frequently, the extra accuse of hit-and-run helps safe a longer sentence. In fact, one of the trouble police encounter with hit-and-run cases is that just finding the car concerned in causing the collision isn’t sufficient to make a case, says Jeremy Richardson, senior trooper with the Oregon State Police. If the proprietor denies participation in the mishap, law enforcement officers require confirmation of who was driving, which means an injured party or observer must be capable to recognize the driver in a photograph line-up. And that often is not possible, given the haste at which most hit-and-runs occur.
In this case there is forensic paint evidence which links your client's car to the victim. This evidence really makes trouble for me as a defence attorney (Berg, 1965, P: 5-15).    

Strength and Weakness of the Evidence
The paint evidence is really a weak point for the defendant because it can make a defendant party red handed
The strength is the did not stop due to technical problem it was not intended to run away that is why the defended party can make its case further strong.
The defendant party never tried to lie while stating that he was not running. He simply accepted his mistake due to the break failure (Ramsland, K. 2007).

How to minimize the impact of the paint evidence?
There are following ways through which we can minimize the impact of paint evidence
Make an aggrieved party compensated
Accept our mistake and try to convince the aggrieved party for monetary compensation
There was mechanical fault in the car due to which defendant was fail to stop his car. This claim cans really minimize the evidence of paint.

Case # 2
The recognition of a mishap case is always a high main concern. In most cases it is with no trouble achieved by observer or when other information is received by the investigation. Sometimes however, the process is aggravated by disfigurement, advanced decay, dismemberment, or where there are very few or no known relatives or friends in existence. In such cases where the case is not revealed then we have to take help from continuity of the evidence it can really help us in identifying the fault of the person and the court can also penalized the person accordingly (Nakao, 1995).

How continuity of this evidence be assured?
Although in this case there is no such evidence received except from the glass pieces that in different colours so it cannot exactly help us in making sure decision. In order to further solve this case it is really necessary to keep continue to collect the evidence to solve this case and bring the guilty person in to the range of law (Lewis, 1995).

Evidential value of the results
In command to look for differences in noticeable light dispersal by glass particles, refractive index measurements were made at a variety of wavelengths. It was recognized that the most sensible wavelengths for getting characteristic data were in the blue, the yellow and the red regions. A compilation of glasses was then examined to set up whether or not bias between them was improved by measuring dispersal. It was shown that, for glasses of the kind usually encountered in casework in the United State, dispersal measurements are improbable to improve the evidential value (Cabanatuan, Michael 2009).

Case # 3
In fire shot cases it is really necessary to collect the fired bullet or gun shot residue collection for the laboratory testing it will give in depth information about the real matter of case.

Laboratory Testing
Gun shot residue testing
Gun shot residue testing is really an effective means to analyse the real guilty person. Because every time when we fire a shot then there are some residue that left on the shooter’s hand so it can really help the police by swabbing the shooter hand to get the real culprit. Look through a microscope at the hands of someone who has now fired a gun, and there will almost certainly be hundreds of lead, barium and antimony particles. This is gunshot residue. It will really make the case simple and it will easily differentiate among the three suspects who have been arrested in this case (Bergman, & Springer, 1987, pp. 802-805).

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