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August 22, 2012

Essay Paper on Effective Problem Solving

Be it a workplace or a normal live, for every task that is done, not always has a certain solution, but, at times may also have a problem of its own.
 In this regard, the workplace environment lays special emphasis towards not just coming up with solutions, but focuses more towards effectively dealing with problems. 
However there are much of the issues involved in effective problem solving, followed by much of the needed skill to actually solve the problem in an effective way.
In this regard following information would through a light over such information where key being to summarize the findings in an effective way, so that it brings in a better understanding over what effective problem solving is all about.

Effective Problem Solving

Effective problem solving is a process where an individual critically analyzes a situation in detail for which the problem has resulted and then comes up with an effective plan that later would help in solving the problem efficiently. According to Armstrong (p.285, 2008) this may include 10 steps.
This at first includes, identifying of what has gone wrong or shall go wrong in future. Then having stated this it would then include defining of what carries a need to be achieved now or in the future. Then developing hypothesis and identifying the cause that resulted in this problem. This being supported with series of facts that later are then used to devise action plans that comprise of best possible actions followed by alternative actions. With best action plant being screened out, implementing the new course of action for a given situation so as to effectively solve the problem itself.

Issues Involved in Effective Problem Solving
Having inferred from information as shared above, many would regard that not every problem of going through such tedious steps, where most of the times they can also be dealt by choosing best alternatives.
In this regard, effective problem solving can be best said as a tool that assists workplace members to think critically over a given situation that carries an utmost importance to be thought off and then carries a serious concern of being evaluated in a critical way.
A thinking way what most managers would be actively indulged in, that accounts for foreseeing things in advance, and, keeping their team members well prepared for any problem that may arise in an unexpected manner. But not so much common to be found among those who share the space with lower level subordinates, since they are assigned with tasks that itself requires more thinking, in getting it done, rather than examining of how best to get it done, that on the contrary is what a manager is most likely to do rather than a subordinate.
Apart from this, effective problem solving can also be said of not coming up with solutions every time since it requires much experience from those who are involved in solving the problem and that at the same time would require much of the analytical and creative thinking side by side.
This being said because one could not expect every manager of being that experienced to think of problems in a critical way, for example consider managers who are found in the early stages of their career. And if not that then, not everyone could be expected to think in an analytical or creative way since both requires a flare and determination where on a whole, not every other member of the organization can be thought of thinking in the same way as required under effective problem solving.
And finally it can also be said that not every step, as mentioned in the diagram on the previous page, would assure effective problem solving, since whatever shared from literature is merely the basics through which one could start off with this type of problem solving. As how to implement it depends on what skills the person has, which shall now be explained in the next page.

Key Skills Required for Effective Problem Solving
The key skills that are required or are seen to be present among those who are involved in effective problem solving are both the analytical and creative thinking skills (Whettern & Cameron p.178, 2007).
Analytical skills account for analyzing situation in different ways and using series of questions such as Who What Where How When to further analyze in a critical way over the problem that resulted from a specific situation. Whereas creative skills account for thinking in a complete new way, that itself can be practically achieved or implemented if brought into action.
Apart from just these skills, effective problem solving may require range of other skills too side by side. This being negotiation skills when problem accounts for searching out for new vendor that charges low cost, managerial skills when problem accounts for managing work force/ team, soft skills when problem accounts for IT work, e.t.c.
All these skills and many others may vary depending on the situation but both the analytical and creative skills still remain the key, in order to effectively solve a problem in a workplace environment.
In Conclusion Effective problem solving can be best said as a process where an individual is involved in finding out what is the problem and then coming up with best ways of how to solve it. Not every member in an organization would be seen of using this tool. As mostly this is a tool used by managers or those at higher level. Where even at higher level not every person could then be said of coming up with best plans since problem solving requires a need to be carried out on an ongoing basis and this too depending on the experience and skills of those who are seen of doing it.

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