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August 22, 2012

Essay Paper on Gender

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Gender: The Basic Human Identity
Gender is one such distinctive word through which the living species on this planet are given identity from, be that for humans, animals, insects to even plants. This identity mainly comprises of species being named as males/ females to even Neutrals (mainly among humans that seem to posses both the male and female characteristics).
Being known after such names, Mother Nature then further plays its role of making all the species look different on the basis of their gender. May that be from how they look to how they talk to even how they work in general.  It is from this distinctive feature given by Mother Nature, it has left species of doing tasks in a different way and that too from a different perspective.
Humans with this regard, of what has been stated above, too are seen of following the same rules of what the word gender has to offer. But not every human is seen to react to this word with such sincerity. As for most knowing just the basics for Gender is more than enough as for many knowing how to best use this Gender is still felt of being unaware by all.
From My side, Gender always was considered as being my badge of honor. Being a male that I understood well before, mainly by seeing the difference in looks to difference in the way I used to do work as compared to females. This recognition of being a male, made me feel proud. Simply because by observing how powerful and authoritative men can be, by seeing elders as falling under same gender, and how Mother Nature then blesses us with some unique qualities what the better half does not have.
With this in mind, much of this understanding for gender when I was a young boy was seen of being a biased one, but with the passage of time, this understanding further changed my thinking of being relatively more unbiased. Where respecting the other half of gender was also seen as an important part, of what my gender seemed to hold.
However differences in local customs / rituals / traditions, restrict much the humans to think in a biased way. Where this being also in my case, where by having observed from elders that encouraged women to act as house wife and men being the breadwinners, always made me think in a complete biased way, that at that time I was unaware of that I was thinking in a complete wrong way.
I never knew of what true meaning of gender was, but interaction with people from various walks of life and through one’s own understanding by having interacted through various media platforms that is both the print and electronic, the real meaning of gender was starting to unfold in my mind.
It was by seeing how both genders need each other in decision making, and also in building relations, it made me clear that no gender is superior to other, as both hold the same worth and carry a need for each other in various ways.
From seeing the environment at home to relating the same environment when going to others home, by seeing difference in perception of first world countries to the third world countries and finally from conservative thinking to a much modern thinking, the differences as seen through each medium made me think of how wonderful it was, of being tagged as a male, and how equally wonderful it gets, to have the other member of different gender always with you.
Having developed this understanding, for me it was always important to share this part of tacit knowledge with others, and use it in a constructive way to help others realize, that of how strong should one feel for his/ her gender and how has society tried its best to mislead us, may that be due to social pressures or cultural influences, of feeling deprived with gender based issues every now or then.
An awareness campaign for me, that at least started off with sharing knowledge with siblings and telling them the real meaning of authority and how each and every one of us have an equal right, to protect our gender from not being mistreated with authorities, as seen of coming from those who should not be giving them on the very first place.
From my mother, acting as a complete housewife and doing household work for every member of the family, to sisters, being told to sit in homes and do whatever they want, and with brothers, given complete freedom to go where ever they want followed by the breadwinner of the family, that is the father, with a complete biased way of thinking, changed a lot with little bit of combined learning, that always was seen to rest upon understanding the duties of males and females, and the extent of contribution both need of each other in various ways.
This change thus resulted in creating an environment where now sisters accompanied mother with household work, brothers assisted father for household earnings and all contributed with each other, in a direct or indirect way for every ones betterment.
A collectivist approach, that focuses on people of not being individualistic every time, but being individualistic when there is an utmost need. Whereby every time following a collectivist approach, where any gender may need help of any other, and that to any time.
Gender based issues on the contrary; have still left many with unclear of duties and responsibility of what one has to the other. However, what needs to be addressed is clear information over what gender expectations should one have for others.

From my point of view, one should not expect every other gender of complying with almost every duty, because even if he is not, it is then your responsibility to bring in awareness to that specific group.
Apart from that the other part of gender, that being females, should always feel more strong and should realize this well, that not every time physical strength is required to get a task done, that apparently males are seen to master in, but it’s the requirement of mental strength too, that itself is much stronger than physical, which all females can do at its best, since they too have brains to think. Hence no biasness in thinking, that female is a weak component whereas males being the stronger ones.
Gender expectations for males from my perspective could be, in realizing that there is no such one best gender, and what that makes gender best is when help from others is taken in the form of guidance or support.
Males in this regard, should encourage Females to actively participate in almost anything. Where telling females of being cautious and telling the other half well before, of what they can do and what they can also avoid of not doing.
Both the genders in conclusion, should have immense respect for each other, where no one should ever consider as the other gender of being weak. Because it can be said as a fact that, there is no such human who was made weak by the Mother Nature, but for sure there are many other factors as residing in this world, that has then made every other human think in this way.
As what is required is no biasness when talking about gender, and when practicing it then for sure thinking that if a man can do it, so can women.

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