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August 19, 2012

Essay Paper on JQuery

JavaScript is an interpreted language used mostly on websites, with a syntax similar to the Java language. However, unlike Java, JavaScript is a language of OO itself, as it does not have inheritance. It is rather a language based on prototypes, as new classes are generated by cloning the base classes (prototypes) and extending its functionality.
All browsers interpret JavaScript code embedded within web interact with a web page JavaScript language provides an implementation of DOM (Document Object Model). JavaScript runs on the user agent while those judgments are discharged along with the HTML.
jQuery is a JavaScript library or framework to simplify the way interact with HTML documents, manipulate the DOM tree, handle events, develop add animation and interaction with AJAX web pages. jQuery, like other libraries, offers a number of features based on JavaScript otherwise require much more code, ie with the functions of this library are achieved great results in less time and space.(Alanko, 2007)
AJAX stands for Asynchronous JavaScript And XML (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) is a web development technique for creating interactive applications or RIA (Rich Internet Applications). These applications run on the client, ie the user's browser while maintains communication with the server asynchronously in the background. In this way it is possible make changes on pages without recharging, which means increasing interactivity, speed and usability in applications.
jQuery Mobile Framework is a product that will certainly give a lot of talk in the coming years. We are witnessing the revolution of mobile Internet access and this framework, based on the popular jQuery, will become the best partner for the development of targeted sites to the web consumer segment mobility.
In this chapter of jQuery Mobile we will provide the keys or features of this framework and its functional requirement, so that people can know what kind of aid offers for development and why will it mean a revolution in creating web applications compatible with most mobile platforms.(Amess, 2000)
You may remember the motto or slogan jQuery: "Write Less, Do More". For jQuery Mobile Framework is the same idea, but has been raised to the next level. To explain this it is necessary to ask readers what is a framework? The supposition is most will know only too well, but commented basically two situations. (Mowgli, 2007)
Not having to deal with the particularities of each browser. Develop once with jQuery code and to display correctly in all browsers on the market. Even as they take another browser, or new versions of existing ones, you do not have to tweak your code to suit them too. It also serves to write less code source and make things more dramatic.
Because mobile devices have increased the number of browsers and platforms, its functional requirements should be taken into account. We have many manufacturers, smartphones, tablets and various devices with different characteristics, such as screen sizes, different operating systems and different based browsers each. Come on, that if before the browsers for PCs had compatibility issues when we had only 3 operating systems and 3 popular browsers, mobile phones now the thing is still more complicated.(Andersen, 2000)
Because the development of websites with jQuery Mobile is even more automatic than it was working with jQuery. Much less do a lot more code. As one can bear, with mobile devices it is still more necessary to use functional requirements that will facilitate in developing it once and run consistently on all devices. Furthermore, with jQuery Mobile it will reduce drastically the time of development of your website for mobile devices.(Wool, 1998)


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