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August 22, 2012

Essay Paper on Martin Luther King

One of the first arguments that Dr. Martin Luther King faced while his visit at the Birmingham city Jail was his presence and current activity being “unwise and untimely”. Dr. King’s answer to the criticism was not only level but also sincere to the Clergymen at the city jail. According to him, he does not answer each and every criticism that is put in front of him because he believed that it not only takes the responsibilities that is put forth for his secretaries but also removes and distracts him from his work and cause.
The second statement that Dr. Martin Luther King countered was the view that many shared in Birmingham. The view that outsider or the people who do not belong or are related to the South are coming in and meddling in their affairs.  Dr. King wisely and clearly answered this apprehension by explaining his roots in the South and especially with the Christian Community. He told them that he has served as the President of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, his continuous involvement with the organization and how it has been active in Southern States. He also mentioned his non-violent direct action program, his strong and deep ties with the organization and his main reason of being in Birmingham, which was to fight injustice and inequality present in the South. He believed that humans no matter where they live or reside are interconnected with each other with their destiny being freedom and justice for everyone.
Dr.  King was countering the argument that people are objecting the demonstrations in Birmingham, but do not understand the reason what conditions and circumstances are making these people to take the streets. He is correct in his counter argument that the reason for non violent protest is that there is white power structure that has left the Negro community protest. He further explains the reasons and steps of their non violent campaign and how they have exhausted all ways, but were left with no other choice.
 He also went out to refute the argument that they have waited long enough for a constitutional change that favors them and the people are wrong in their argument that they should let the government make the decision with respect to their rights.

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