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August 12, 2012

Essay Paper on Religion

World Religion

The question regarding the formation behind the various denominations of Christianity has always been a subject of immense debate and argument for centuries.
The history of this stratification and sectarian formation in the religion dates back to the 16th century when this rift was first introduced and later after a conflict of many years led to the formation of the Protestant denomination of Christianity.
A prime and prominent reason that I see behind the formation of these denominations is the intentional and planned distortion and fabrication of the religious theology and message that the Bible was originally revealed for during and upon Jesus Christ.
The day the Council of Nicea was established to decide matters regarding the divine or humanistic representation of Jesus in the religious books, it was the day that made the formation of these flavors or denominations almost imminent and inevitable.
An important thing to realize is that when a religion undergoes these types of severe changes, it loses the very essence and divinity that it as send for, it loses its significance of revolutionizing the lives of its followers and put them on the right path as the message in it has no divine importance but is rather a collection of human interests and manipulation to blind people from seeking the truth.
 Ironically these are factors that divide people on the basis of their religion which was originally revealed to unite them under all conditions.
The fabrication of the original message facilitates multiple interpretations from people who are not even religious learned or enlightened and then each of these groups play their own specific role in forming their own ideologies and perspectives on religious issues leading to the formation of various cult practices and denominations all of which collectively contribute to the erosion of the foundations upon which the pillars of Christianity stand upon.      


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