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August 12, 2012

Essay Paper on Sex Discrimination


Discrimination in the workplace every day is a universal phenomenon. Discrimination occurs whenever someone chooses or rejects by reason of their color, creed, sex, and race. In other word discrimination causes inequalities and consolidated. At every organization level there has always been a certain set of criteria which has been outlined as far as the employment of individuals and other suitable personnel in any of the important departments is concerned. Many of these departments and areas where employment and their related procedures are considered involve many of the important posts and jobs for some of the prominent government positions which include the Department of Justice, Civil Service Commission and Department of Labor.
One of the major problems that have always been confronted by a society like America is that of gender discrimination and in order to alleviate this menace from employment grounds in the country, the concept of Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or EEOC when abbreviated emerged primarily for the adherence and enforcement of laws which can help in overcoming the problems related to gender discrimination can be countered effectively. (Doyle)
I will give you my example; I have been working at my job about 5 years in a temporary position. My ability is not valued much less my intellectual attitudes. As a woman, I think it has planted a feeling of humiliation, frustration and helplessness. The eradication of discrimination in employment is indispensable to achieve social justice and equal opportunity in the workplace. I think this is a viable strategy to overcome discrimination at the workplace.


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