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August 30, 2012

Essay Paper on Sexual Battery Kit

Sexual Battery Kit
Question # 1
Significance of a sexual battery kit
Sexual battery kit is a well equipped kit invented by the Louis R. Vitullo. This kit is very important in exploring all the possible and latent evidence about the sexual abuse and assault. This kit provides some professional techniques and methods that really turn out to be helpful in finding required evidence in order to solve the case of sexual assault (Chandlet al. 1981, P: 155-69).

Evidential Value
In the use of sexual battery kit there are following evidential value come in front of the investigators:
·         Clothes damaged during the attack can be kept as proof.
·         If likely, try not to urinate before you reach the hospital.
·         Do not bathe, shower or douche.
You do not have to have a Sexual Assault Evidence Kit in command to have police participation.  If police are concerned and you do not wish to have The Kit done, that is your option (Kerstetter, 1990, P: 267-313).

Question # 2
Differences between obscenity and pornography
Obscenity is sexual words and imagery which are not secluded by legitimate assurances of free speech. To be unlawfully obscene, an effort must petition to the prurient interests, portray sex in a deliberately unpleasant means, and not have serious mythical, creative, supporting or technical worth.
Pornography is matter intended to stimulate and has no lawful or reliable meaning. Each person's report depends on her education, sexual favorite and viewing background. One woman's "trash" may be another's money or tedium (LaFree, 1980, P: 833-50).

Sex Crimes
It is an undeniable fact that sex in pornography or in obscenity both are the forms of sex crimes because these both situations violate the societal norms and values that are designed to maintain the disciplinary decorum of the society.

Question # 3
Types of rapist
Rapists can generally be grouped into categories or "types". They are:
1. Power Assertive
2. Anger retaliation
3. The Power-reassurance rapist or Opportunity Rapist
4. The Anger excitement rapist or Sadistic Rapist
5. Juvenile Sex Offenders
6. Women Offenders

Rapists’ rehabilitation
We can acquire numerous techniques and procedures to rehabilitate the rapists. Especially for the power assertive rapist it is necessary t provide them their desired social status in the society in order to make them a better person to live in this world. In case of anger retaliation rapist we should provide them anger management therapy and treatment so that he can manage his anger at the time of violence. The opportunity rapists are the young who are not engaged in any constructive work so they go for some unethical activities including rape just to pass their boredom. We should make this society job oriented enough so that people should have constructive works to perform (Mather, 1979).
Juvenile sex offenders are the desperate people who are not satisfied with their status in the society so it is necessary to give them extra attention in order to rehabilitate them. In case of women offenders it is necessary to give them proper rules of spending life and guide them towards the principles that can help them in spending their lives successfully.

Question # 4
Race as a victim in sexual assault
Most of the time people harm each other just due to the unfair competition and injustice rivalry. Things like this are really unfair and unhealthy in the society and it can bring some negative impact in the society. Most of the time sexual assault is the cause of race and other competition on the basis of caste system and other social or racial differences. These differences are turn out to be really violent if not manage properly. Some time the victim of the sexual assault find racial animosity and jealousy behind the crime and it is the reason that rape ratio is higher is racial difference society and nation.

Question # 5
Cases rejection
Court can reject in te case in the following conditions and scenarios:
Non sex case
If the court finds it that the preset case is non sex case then it will reject the case in the initial stages and it will not precede the case to save the time of the court and defended party (Rose, & Susan 1982, p: 23-36).

Discrepancies in the case
If court finds any discrepancy in the case then the court will not precede the case and it will adjourn the case at that very moment.

Typification of Rape-Relevant Behavior
If the court develops that there is a typification behavior in the rape relevant case then court will not precede the case because there will be a chance of misjudgment (Rose, & Susan 1982, p: 23-36).


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