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August 12, 2012

Essay paper on Smoking

Why people continue to smoke cigarettes despite its dangers

Smoking has long been regarded as a socially and a habit dependent on personal interest. For some people where for some people the fumes of tobacco and nicotine mixture is similar to the elixir of life, for some people it is nothing more than an expense that fosters a feeling of artificial and synthetic relief.
News on television and social welfare companies pump millions of dollars in order to launch campaigns every year through which they intend to increase awareness among people regarding the adverse biological implications and health repercussions that smoking can have on their health but despite of all these repeated and consistent efforts we see that the number of smokers all over the world instead of slumping are constantly increasing at a rampant pace.
There are many reasons which can account for this. First and foremost smoking has long been considered as the most effectual stress busting technique. In times when people are surrounded by numerous economic and social problems, it is natural that they develop a feeling of stress upon failing to devise a proper solution for the problems that they encounter and the most obvious reaction that is viewed after all such occurrences is to seek a stress relieving sanctuary under the foggy fumes of smoking which blur the reality and pace with which a man races towards his own extinction. Moreover in the lust of satisfying their need cum necessity of stress release they completely sideline the effects that their habit of prolonged smoking can have on others.
 It is also important to mention that by engaging in such activities they develop a legitimate and valid reason for getting rid of their stress and frustrations that they experience even if they have a completely different nature of reason for smoking even. Another reason which is closely allied with the former is the development of an addiction for this habit.
Even if people initiate smoking with the intention of relieving themselves from stressful situations they pursue it in their future because by that time they develop an addiction for this habit and it finally accommodates itself in the list of their everyday expenses. Hence the next time when you come across a person who tells you that he has short-term relationship with smoking and cigarettes, you can immediately understand that he is deceiving you.
The addiction of smoking is also harmful in the sense that it acts as a harbinger for various other kinds of addiction seeking drugs each of which is accompanied with its own unending list of harmful ramifications starting from cigarettes to alcohol and from alcohol to heroin and from heroin to marijuana, yaba and the lsut goes on and on.
Hence it is important that people do not only develop an approach of understanding the harmful connotations that are related to smoking to which they are already familiar with, but at the same time also formulate an approach through which they can abstain and refrain themselves from engaging themselves in this extremely lethal and even expensive habit.     


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