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August 30, 2012

Essay Paper on Starvation

It can be regarded a menace to the society where the people who are privileged to cover the whole table with delicious mouthwatering food, draped  in beautiful expensive gowns and can wish for all the goods they desire from life. They have important decisions to make, growl over the politics, culture and the inflation crisis and would be delighted to engage their names with a powerful charity. We call them lucky or privileged elite.
But there is the darker side that is deprive of thirst and hunger, beautiful wardrobe and accessories, lack of mortality, nutrition and energy to carry out their life respectively. They are people who are as human as the rich ones but starved and famished.  It can be regarded as the deadly misery of human life.

The biological science states that deprivation and cessation of food intake for a longer time period results in lack of glucose, carbohydrates and protein level in the human body. The brain is mere storage of proteins, fats and carbohydrates that could result in severe diseases, depression, and hunger. Therefore sadly this state is known as starvation (Welle, 1969).
According to statistics starvation has been a very serious cause of death toll among children and women with poverty stricken lives.
ü  Every year 15 million children die of starvation and poverty.
ü  One in twelve people worldwide is malnourished, including 160 million children under the age of 5.
ü  In the U.S. hunger and race are related. In 1991 46% of African-American children were chronically hungry, and 40% of Latino children were chronically hungry compared to 16% of white children.
ü  Every 3.6 seconds someone dies of hunger
ü  The infant mortality rate is closely linked to inadequate nutrition among pregnant women. The U.S. ranks 23rd among industrial nations in infant mortality. African-American infants die at nearly twice the rate of white infants.
ü  The assets of the world's three richest men are more than the combined GNP of all the least developed countries on the planet
ü  In the Asian, African and Latin American countries, well over 500 million people are living in what the World Bank has called "absolute poverty"

Physiological Perspective
Lack of nutrition and energy in the body for more than 48 hours can lead to severe physical and physiological complications in human body. A study by Ancel Keyes at the University of Minnesota, revealed the physiological attitude and behavior, social and emotional changes and cognitive physical changes in Man starved for almost 6 -12 weeks.
Attitude and Behavior
They became aggressive with 6 weeks starvation resulting in losing temper, relative thought of food and eating, day dreaming etc. The most striking thing was the smuggling of food that could be consumed throughout the day and by the end of the 12 weeks starvation, they ate food which they could have consumed in a minute for 2 hours reviving their taste buds of how every bit tasted. They have a very strong attitude towards food other than anything in world. The approach towards life was harsh and more towards irritability. They would search the utensils, dustbins and other trash items to collects pecks of wasted and even rotten food to satisfy their hungry appetite. They snatch food vigorously like an animal and consume the slightest bit carefully without wasting it. They wanted to eat instantly without even taking a break between the meals after 12 weeks of starvation.
Social and Emotional Changes
Severe emotional loops resulting in anemic depression, outburst of anger, feeling of losing hope and belief, stress and worst mood swings. Some of the men had even regarded as the worst depression of their life and the effects were so strong that even after high food consumption after 12 weeks of starvation, they became extremely emotionally disturbed, argumentative and negativistic. Starved person develops a sense of loneliness, deprivation of family and friends bonding. The only need to survive is food, nothing in the world amuse him and prolong state of starvation instigate mediation and even cessation of worldly lifestyle thus dwelling in acute depression. The psychotic behavior can also be seen in a starved body starting from suicidal attempts, killing, robbery and even ransom and other similar criminal activities.
Cognitive and physical Changes
The extreme weight loss and lack of sleep was the major physical changes noted in the man volunteers. According to the research hypersensitivity to noise and light , severe headaches, dizziness, decreased tolerance for cold temperature due to low fats in the body, hair loss, weaken bones and strength, edema( an excessive fluid causing swelling),auditory and visual disturbances ( cannot hear and listen properly)and lack of sexual comfort, constipation , hypothermia (loss of body mass), poor immune function, excessive hair loss, dry scaly pale skin, bloated stomach, sleep disturbance, bleeding gums and decaying teeth, drop in sexual hormones and momentary blackouts.
The body metabolism resulted in low perspiration rate and heart rate. The body lost thousands of calories and gradually the storage of fats, proteins, mineral and carbohydrates at the end of 12 weeks.  The body weakens and in severe conditions results in termination and death.
The cognitive effects on starved body even leads to decrease in learning approach, this might be due to the low energy level provided to the brain, loss of ambition and poor judgment as a healthy body can sense future but a starved body looses hope in future, past and present. It even questions the existence of mankind when proper nutrition is not provided and still is forced to live a starved life for months rather than fatal deaths.
According to the research if the body maintained an approximate level of weight internally, human body can survive starvation in the darkest hours or when the food is scarce ultimately. This study also showed how starvation had pursue man to be focused more towards food than any other need of the human body (Social and sexual). Eating disorder also counts towards starvation and pattern of adverse human behavior can be found in such people. The study also revealed that even after 12 months of starvation, and excessive re-feeding their body did not become obese but they attained their previous weight and gained a little more but gradually declined with the passage of time. The emotional changes were straightened but the effects were still strong in them.
We have to fight the most painful thing; depriving human body of food which is the vital and important survival of mankind. The world is fighting, working harder with NGO’s, political, social, charity and various organizations in every part of the world. It is not a problem for one nation or one continent. This is everyone’s right to be fed with a balanced nutrition diet. Starvation for clothes, food and shelter is the most important matter to any nation of the world because even an animal has the right for proper food and habitant then why not a human being deserves the right to be fed alternatively. 


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