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August 22, 2012

Essay Sample on How to Write a Grant Proposal

Grant proposal

Need For the Grant
       The  purpose  of  this grant  is to develop a successful senior center which is “ Continental  Senior  Center “  for  the  aged and aging men and women of the community of   Westminster.   In Westminster over 60 % of the citizens are over 60 years of age.  According  to  the  latest community development research and analysis it has been revealed that this population will experience a boom  in  population where in which the there will be an increase in the percentage of senior citizens as compared to young adults and middle aged citizens.
    The  purpose  of   “ Continental  Senior  Center “   is to promote the formation of a  haven  in which  senior  citizens  can easily be accommodated  and  assisted  in  their day to day needs  and domestic  issues which include health  insurance  information  and  housing. These issues must be dealt by each and every responsible citizen of every community. As  these citizens  who  have  passed  the  prime  of  their  life  face increasing  difficulties  in  such  matters  the  “ Continental  Senior  Center   mission  is to serve and assist an ever increasing  population in these matters. 
     In order to accommodate and provide exceptional community services to a  increasingly growing population  of  seniors  the organization “ Continental  Senior  Center “   would  need the amount of  $ 500 000 to initiate and expand community based projects and  programs to meet the needs of the community of Westminster.
        With the help of this financial assistance existing programs and projects would be    extended on a larger scale, new programs would be initiated for catalyzing community development purposes. The organization is already providing informational and referral services to senior citizens of the community.  These projects  encompass various  services  and  offer  a case by  case management three days  a week  such as taxes ,housing and health insurance
         Apart from the above mentioned major service the organization also provides other services related to other issues and concerns. The organization needs  to  ensure  that  these  services are  made available and are also easily accessible to  a  large segment of population  of  the  citizens so as to promote success full aging throughout  the community. 
         These objectives may be secured if there was an expansion in the development venture and establishment of the new programs. The  existing  projects and programs have  promoted  and  encouraged   senior  teachers ,  leaders  and  learners  not only  within  the  center  itself  but  also  throughout  the  community  in  Westminster to contribute their respective share with the intention of developing the community.
In addition to this there  are  those  seniors  in certain  parts  of  the  community especially in  farfetched areas  from  the  heart  of   Westminster  who due  to either  locality  or  lack  of  awareness  are  insulated from assisting  services  in   matters  which  may  be easily confusing  and  misunderstanding   to  our  seniors.
            Also  the  system  of  operations  within  these  projects  and  programs  need  to  be extended  and  made  more  convenient ,  so  that information  can  be  easily  be made  available  but  most  importantly  easily  comprehended by senior  citizens  and  there  family  members. 

Problems Being Faced
            Each and every organization faces certain problems and setbacks.   “Continental Senior Center “is   no exception. However  these  problems  and  areas  of  concerns  are easily manageable  through  the  proper  assistance. The problems faced by the organization range from different degrees of severance.
            A major setback is office space and areas of operations.  Operations  need  to  be extended  throughout  the  community  so  that  more  citizens   can  take  advantage and  use  of  the organizations service. Senior citizens  face  problems  in  commuting  through  the  city center   therefore  if   regional  offices  could  be  made   available  in more  parts  of  the  communities   and  in  various  neighborhoods, these  services   could  be  made  more  easily  accessible.
In addition to this the facilities that are available to old age people in the community center have become quite obsolete and cannot be used by old age people as there is a constant threat that they may fall and paralyze themselves by using these things.
            Due  to  the number,  nature  and  complexity  of  certain  matters  of  health  insurance  and housing  proper management is lacking  with  respect  to  the  number  of cases  that  can  be  put  forward  during  the  three  days  of  the  week  in  which  case  by  case  services  are  provided .  The  potential  of organization in   case  by  case  management  has  not  been completely  exploited  due  to  limited staff  and  trained  employees  in  matters  of  health insurance , health etc. 
            Lack  of  trained  and  qualified  personals  within  the  organizations  service  programs   has resulted  in  a  large  waiting  period for  services in case management.  Not  only  that  but  certain  cases  have  been turned  down  numerous  times  due  to  lack  of  personal  to  the  ratio  of   citizens  that require  assistance.
            Lack  of  awareness  within  certain  parts  of  the  community  have  rendered  certain  member  within  the  community  helpless in  these  matters.  Our  organizations   mission  need  to  be  spread  throughout  the  community  so  as  to  make  the  organizations  services  exercised  and  used  by  those  that  may  need  it   most. (Gary, 2003)
            Furthermore   the  general  public  comprising  of  senior  citizens  need  be  made  aware  that  certain  organizations  and  centers  exist  for  the  sole  purpose   of  their  assistance  and ease.  “ Continental  Senior  Center “    has   played  a  vital  role  in community  matters  , events  and  services for  the greater population  of  the community  and  would  like  to instate  an  even  greater  and  much  trusted  role  throughout  the community.

Summary of Grant Proposal
           Ensuring that that  the proposal  is detailed  to an extent where  in  which  the purpose  can  easily  be  comprehended , understood and  in  some  cases easily  related  to.  Mention  the  needs  and  problem  which  have  resulted  in  a grant  proposal   should  be layered   and  if  possible  should  contain  certain statistics  that   can  further  cement   the  request. Also the recommendations and counseling that can be made in order to incorporate improvements in the entire agenda and plan through which community development programs can easily and conveniently be fulfilled.

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