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August 3, 2012

Example Nursing Admission Essay

Education provides a ladder to climb toward a greater share of society’s rewards. It is increasingly the determining factor in success or failure in the emerging global, post-industrial economy (Reich, 1991). The educational attainment holds a central place in the status attainment process. The benefits of university education have increased to levels that make it an extraordinarily attractive investment” (Kosters, 1990, p.65)
To begin with, the reasons to adopt midwifery as my future educational engagement have multi-faceted reasons.  The pursuit of education in any discipline may vary from person to person. From advancement in the health sector, to just giving the individual a better approach of child healthcare, I aim to join Philadelphia Midwifery Institute to satisfy my intellectual curiosity, passion and to serve the humanity at large. I have also recognized the ways that could potentially help me build a promising career in this very discipline. Statistics suggest that the person with the higher education is always more likely to receive higher pay, promotions and most of all, respect and dignity.
However, I prefer to pursue my passion for midwifery and money is always a secondary matter to me. What would please me most is not what I have earned out of midwifery but how eagerly I have been in my pursuit towards becoming a midwife. I have always had an interest in becoming a midwife from a very young age. I am always available to volunteer information and help friends and family members throughout their pregnancy with emotional support. I enjoy watching birthing programs on the Discovery Health Channel such as Birth Day and Special Delivery. 
The most satisfying event in my life was the birth of my daughter Madison after which my passion for midwifery further grew stronger.  My daughter was delivered by a midwife who gave me the opportunity to experience the approach of both a medical doctor and a Midwife and I believe a midwife offers a more of a personal touch. Also, they allow the body to do things as natural as possible and allow the birthing process to run its course unless either mother or baby comes under stress. 
My family is my first and foremost priority and I want nothing more than to serve humanity and share my experience and joy with other individuals. I possess many positive characteristics that I believe would be very beneficial to the midwifery field, I am very passionate about the field, always interested in learning new things.  I am very determined and dedicated and I do not give up on difficult things easily.  I am patient and a very good listener many times I am the only one my friends/family run to for advice. I also possess the ability to put myself in others situation and to imagine how they feel.
 I believe that now is the right time for me to pursue my career in midwifery due to the inclination for this field. Also, I now physically have time to do so since my daughter has gotten older and caring for her is not as consuming.  I possess solid and strong foundation in nursing and I believe it will not be an uphill task for me to move to the next level. I have plenty of experience with distant education and I believe it fits me.
I am a self learner, and I am very self motivated. I need the flexibility that distance learning offers, I do not work traditional hours and I have a young toddler at home. I do not believe I will have any problems developing a routine to become a successful midwifery student. Keeping in mind that time management is key to success, I do not have a problem with that.


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