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August 7, 2012

Free Research Paper on EBay and Bidders Edge

EBay and Bidders Edge both have always been considered as highly prominent and reputable when it comes to auction sites for customers. The conflict between the two sparked when Bidders Edge wanted to provide its website accessing link on EBay. Negotiations were conducted between the two companies but ended in a deadlock however the gravity of the situation further aggravated when Bidders Edge decided to intentionally infiltrate the cyber boundaries of EBay by using proxy servers that were not directly related to the servers used by Bidders Edge and when EBay discovered this menace infringement that was being engineered by bidders Edge they decided to file a lawsuit and litigate the company. Bidders Edge on the other hand decided to defend itself against the charges by saying that there is no way through which they can execute trespassing as the EBay website is publicly accessible.
Furthermore they also countered the seeking of preliminary injunction By EBay as being completely harmless to Bidders Edge if it is not granted. Bidders Edge basically provided greater scope and room to consumers by providing them a proper comparison of prices of items that are displayed on the website for auctioning. This provided leverage to Bidders Edge from the conventional style of auctioning that was being provided by EBay. In addition to this Bidders Edge also provided users the easiness and simplicity of getting items and products at a much lower and affordable rate than what was being offered in terms of bidding by EBay, hence the incentives that were being offered by Bidders Edge emerged as a serious threat to EBay and its target market because of the different conveniences that Bidders Edge emerged on the mainstream with. (Castells, 2003)
The case study that has been presented between the two auctions based websites like EBay and Bidders Edge it is evident that Bidders Edge has formulated means through which it has tried to violate privacy laws that provide immunity to EBay under such legal regulations. Therefore in the context of this situation traditional trespass can be defined as the interference of EBay servers which are a personal property of the company used illegally by Bidders Edge to conduct an illicit activity.
In my opinion the verdict that was announced by the Californian court also conforms to the definition that has already been provided in the above section of the discussion primarily because the court also acknowledges the fact that Bidders Edge has used illegitimate means and tools to infringe the cyber guarded walls of EBay and for disseminating false and unauthentic news regarding the website in the market also that the servers of the company are publicly owned in order to safeguard itself from any further legal processes and complications, but after the verdict that has been announced by the court it is clear that in fact the initiative and defensive stance taken by EBay was accurate in order to defend its reputation and credibility that it has earned over in the years in the field of internet business. (Jennings, 2005)    


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