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August 22, 2012

HIV AIDS in Black Males


AIDS, A disease that has seen to bring in a countless number of casualties, till at this date is an alarming concern for humans round the globe.
Humans either are seen to battle their way round to device appropriate means through which all can stay away from this disease or if not this then, the other half being either too ignorant or willing to risk their lives to welcome this disease with arms wide open.
This research over here would be explaining over this man created menace where apart from knowing the HIV AIDS situation as faced by society in general, the research would narrow its focus by simply elaborating over the Black American Society and telling as to how AIDS has then affected this part of the community.

The Black Americans, A part of America’s population that also comprises of White, Latino and Asians in past according to literature, (Byrd & Clayton p xv) have seemed to suffer a lot from slavery, racial discrimination and denial of appropriate healthcare treatments.
With this being stated, it was also noted that this discrimination resulting in for unfair treatment for Black Americans were all sorted out later by US government (Infoplease 2007) through series of action plan.
But even after not all, but many problems being resolved by the US for the Black Americans, there still are deep concerns shown over the healthcare issues of Black Americans. Where there is not just one health care issue among the Black Americans but there are many.
However this research over here would be focusing towards explaining over one such menace as seen to be found as a major health care issue among Black Americans.
This being the HIV AIDS menace. A menace over which millions are infected with and is found to be present enormously among the Black Americans that makes up 12 % of the total population of the US (CDC, 2010).
The US, comprising of people as falling under Whites, Latinos, Black, Asians, is seen to share a mixed culture of its own. With Black Americans according to US Census Bureau (Bowman 2010) seen of sharing 12.33 % of the total US Population as of 2008, the health care issue of this target population always carried a concern of its own.
With statistics showing a clear picture of where this menace is seem to dominate the most, it justifies as to why a concern over health care for Black American’s especially in HIV AIDS is seen in the US.
Where even if the data as shown in the above figure, if analyzed critically then it can be seen that the ratio of both Black American Men and Women falling under the HIV AIDS trap is way different. That is Black Men are seen of being treated as HIV AIDS patients more, rather than the Black American Women, that being nearly half as much as Black American Men.
Literature in this regard further justifies by answering the question of why HIV Aids proportion is much more in Black American Males.
·         Bisexual/Heterosexual Activities more among the Black American Male Community
·         Black American Males seen of being intravenous drug users. (Avert 2010)
Followed by this, the Black American Community can be further understood in terms of relations, culture as follows
·         Culture: Strong presence of homosexuality (Smith, p.18 2003)
·         Relations: Black American Males would seek out for more relation to satisfy their need, some time by sexual / homosexual relations (Nichols, p.207 2002).
With significant numbers of activities, all seen of being the HIV AIDS indicators, among the Black American Male Community, it thus leaves an even more alarming situation for the Females or Males (in case of bisexuality) in the US. However factors that tend to result in this menace are merely not just because of only the sexual act, but it is also because when the person is seen of being involved in activities such as injecting drug use (Avert 2010).
According to Whitaker (p.135 2001), this menace has become a public health emergency where with the passage of time, increase in this act is resulting in destroying the younger generation. A disease that is spreading slowly and gradually and is not yet been blamed of being resulted from Black Americans but yes being carried by them more than as compared, to White, Latino or even Asians (HIV 2010).
An article as taken from JET (Wright p.32 2001) states that, 60% of males being bisexual or living an alternate street life for sex are infecting not only their partners or unsuspected female partners, but are also putting the younger generation at threat of catching this disease that itself has one thing to offer and that is death.
With such facts being told the question now that comes forward is that, Is there a subjective proof stating the increase in HIV AIDS and that too among the Black American Males? Well for that the HIV Magazine (p.24 2009) states the chances of increase in HIV Aids can almost be said of being doubled. This being from seeing the past trend and foreseeing the future.
 Having known of the facts and figures as attached with HIV AIDS among the Black American, especially the men, the problem still seems to prevail where bisexual relations / homosexual relations (Nichols, p.207 2002) is creating a nuisance for Black American relations, and later encouraging more of the HIV AIDS to prevail in the society.            Corrective actions at this stage can be taken. Where this accounting to informing much of the target audience over the dangers of HIV AIDS through:
·         Bringing in more awareness to the target audience, by making sure they know the consequences what all may end up with.
·         Encouraging safe sex for a better life, whereby discouraging the other one, this being by charging low price to items as used in safe sex
·         Spreading the information over how bad used syringe is, and how good can it be if an individual uses the new one.
However whatever the conclusion be, the goal to eradicate the HIV AIDS from the society can be best undertaken if every single individual is given awareness in an appropriate way. Because if it is about uprooting the problem right from the base then it is about informing every single member with the help of government through devising up plans to penalize those who breech and giving rewards to those who comply.
Use of electronic media print media has always in past been undertaken, but door to door awareness program and ways of how to encourage men of paying valuing to their relationships, needs to be devised on and on, so to start off with the process of finishing this menace from the society right from its roots.

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