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August 17, 2012

Sample Administrator and Teacher Interview

Administrator & Teacher Interview

Why did you choose to pursue education as a career?
I want to nurture young people toward their full potential. By doing this, I have the feeling of a leader, advancing civilization, creating the society, impacting the world for the betterment. I am intrigued with how children learn, their need to explore the world and their interests. That is not that easy, but it for sure is gratifying for me.
Teachers, after some years in the career, look in the mirror and see a person they like because they have helped a lot of students to get success on their own. For me, teaching doesn't pay much in money, but in terms of your personal dignity, it's invaluable (Answers Corporation, 2011).

Would you recommend the education profession to others? Why or why not?
It depends! According to my conception, it is important that the decision of choosing a profession be grounded on criteria that contemplate that person’s exposures, skills, personal values, and temperaments. It is not wise to impose or recommend a career choice to somebody unless you know that individual very well (Adprima, 2011).

Are there any other teachers in your family? If so, who?
Yes, there is one who is in the same profession and that’s my elder sister.

What is your highest level of education?
I have a Master degree in Education (M.Ed).

How long have you been an educator?
I have an extensive experience of 16 years in the same field of education.

What is your greatest challenge as an educator?
I am absolutely in love for what I do for a living! I do not see any other job that could possibly be as paying back as educating. All the same, my biggest personal challenge is to find time for my family. I always have to do planning for my personal time, time to spend with my hubby, and time with my little ones. Life is too short not to spend with our beloved ones and what we love doing! (ProTeacher Community, 2011)

How do you balance the demands of your profession with the political realities of the education system?

Do you live in the community that you work in? If yes, do you believe that it is important for educators to live in the community in which they work? Why or why not?
Yes I live in the community that I work in. It is not important for educators to live in the same community in which they work. In fact, it would be better for the teachers if they work outside their community as there is a diversity of students in the same class. There is a diversity of students in the same class, diversity in the shape of race, culture and religion. Dealing with students of different communities will be helpful for the teacher to groom.

Who was your greatest educational influence?

It is my sister that I have always envied. She is a great kindergarten teacher. I have always admired her confidence and way of transferring knowledge to others. She has been a role model to me all my life.

What is the greatest benefit of being an educator?

A teacher educates a new group of students each year. Being a teacher, you get rid of the components of humdrum and repetition in the job. Teachers get a variety every day, as we have to deal with different students each year. You can devise several new ways to teach different types of students in the class. There is always a room for creativeness & innovation in the work of an educator.


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