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August 16, 2012

Sample Admission Essay for Architecture Studies

Why I want to study Architecture?
I wish to apply for architecture major at your University. Being able to design the future buildings of tomorrow has always been a fascinating idea for me. It all started at the age of sixteen, in the summers, when my Dad took the whole family for a vacation. What interested me the most during the trip were either the tall buildings or the monuments and the grand structures of the parks and the museums.
I will never be able to forget the grand view of the Larkin’s building.  The inscriptions and the ecclesial light that the centre space filled will always be memorable. It was a beautiful building made by brick and stone (The Life and Work of Frank Loyld Wright).  The tour guide kept praising the architecture talking about straight lines and flat planes and how the building was such that it blocked the gasses coming from the nearby train station. Even at that age when I couldn’t understand much, the talk kept me interested. It enticed in me an urge to know more about the architecture of the building.
Going back, I realized how lucky I was to have seen one of the best works by such a great name of the architecture industry, Frank Lloyd Wright became the hero of my life ever since. I studied the architecture of not only the Larkin building but also Oak Park, Unity temple, imperial hotel and the Osanian House. I think Wright’s work is what brought such a revolution in the American Architecture.
I have a passion for architecture and strongly believe that I have the creativity and the zeal to become a successful architect one day. I want a chance to study the architectures by the great names like Frank Lloyd, Adolf Loos and Albart Kahn etc and learn the techniques in an institutionalized way.
Apart from a general interest in the famous building and architects around, I believe I have all the skills that are essential in an architect. I am very proficient in drawing. Just my Sketches are pretty commendable and liked by people. I got a distinction in my Arts exam. Mathematics has always been my strongest area. You could easily call me a Math genius. What I enjoy most in Math is geometry. I love finding areas, perimeters and really know my shapes.
In the future I see myself as an architect who is as diverse as Wright. I want to be designing not only building but resorts banks, churches, filing stations, a synagogue, a beer garden and Museums. I have a dream of seeing the most mesmerizing building near the Empire States building designed by me. Enrollment in your School will not only teach me the academics a future architect should know but would also groom me in a way that I can become a leader in my field.


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