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August 28, 2012

Term Paper on Globalization

Globalization is one of the major factor that affected many lives. This is the way that can leads towards constructions and destructions too. It is only because of this term that the world today is interconnected with each other and thus generating effective outcomes too.

Impact of Globalization on People
The first example that I am going to illustrate is the impact of globalization on people. In India, the rate of globalization is increasing day by day and this is the only way with the help of which that nation is generating enough outcomes as compare to older times. India is a nation whose individualistic societies are leading and moving towards globalization and thus working with effective policies as well as strategies. On the other hand, it has affect on fundamentalism too.

Impact of Globalization in China
Globalization as mentioned earlier is one of an important concept that needs attention too. China is a nation where people are now moving towards more and more betterments. They are trying to work hard with full zeal and zest in order to gain maximum profits. One of the way that is used in order to gain benefits is globalization. This is perfect for people of China as they are now working with a touch of strategies and implications in order to make it perfect. (Ritzer & Atalay, 2010)
Globalization was adopted because of the stock market crash that took place in 1994. This was one of the major aspect that lead towards various problems and people were really over burdened and were worried too. Thus, globalization was started that was one of the main step in order to gain betterment and potential outcomes too. If we look at the business side, various leading organizations were in trouble and thus by globalization they started taking potential actions in order to gain maximum outcomes.
The direction of this essential step was positive and direct. It was taken into an account in order to flourish the business and to make it potential enough. India was in trouble and the nation wants something that can make them feel protected. Thus, globalization was adopted only to make this nation strong. As mentioned earlier, this is the way with the help of which organizations are interconnected with each other and thus organizations do flourish. Therefore, the direction is known as a positive and direct way that can help a lot in generating effective outcomes.
The response of the non-western nation towards this step was positive. They readily accepts this phenomenon or concept because this was the only way that can make them move towards betterment and this was the way that makes them feel contended and safe too. Many organizations because of globalization worked in a positive manner and thus results were fruitful. Therefore, globalization is the best way that can make any organization, any country or any nation successful and the best one too. Thus, it is recommended by many leaders in order to have something innovative and different too. (Benyon & Dunkerley, 2000)


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