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August 22, 2012

The Art of Watching Film

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To evaluate a film, the person should completely engrossed in the movie but unbiased and fair-minded too (Hagener, & Töteberg, 2002). The relating essentials to create a film are theme, drama, plot, editing, sets, film making and extraordinary visual effects, color, sound effects and dialogue, character performance, and director’s skill (Hill & Gibson, 1998). Through this paper, I will explain how to examine a film, divulge as per our findings and translate the connotation in films, and explicate my own ways to judge the movies.
Movies can gives you a ride to another planet; far from the world that is reality. The flight allowed us taking breathtaking decision as human beings. We learned many things from films. We take note of cautions, laugh and cry. The main purpose of producing films is just to keep amuse and just for that period we have spent to view it; commutes you in a time that is not our own. We may perform the analysis the films time by time and nevertheless keep this more or less supernatural feature. The more we perform the analysis our desire of getting more and much better than before from the auteur is continuously increasing and we look forward to another masterpiece.  The audience decides whether the film is a piece of art or not. It is identical in case of literature, even both types of amuse has the matching features but represents differently to express the ideas to its audience.

Film Making Vs Viewing

The creation of a film can be a vast and an intricate procedure. The analysis of any film by the viewer is the only and essential tool to find out what idea does director symbolizes to the audience by representing the film. The importance of understanding the fact, how joint venture cinematography really performs, is not only for the auteur but for the viewers too (King, 2002). It is a very important tool for viewers to examine a film effectively. Despite the fact that the artist is one of the most observable of the components on screen; there are several other skillful persons that works off the screen and serves with the purpose of representing the completed film before the screening viewers. To genuinely have a feel on how movies perform, it is advantageous to view several films in unlike types to recognize the conventions of apiece.   Knowing and comprehension every of the technical components of movie can facilitate the spectator to examine the movie more cautiously. In addition, they may possibly attain a poignant attachment to the movie, and come across some level of reality as they become a further conscious of what has taken place with the aim of fetch it to life (Merritt, 2000).
While watching a movie the story structure is the first element to use by the viewer to analyze the film. The movie should be prearranged to aid the spectator to comprehend the idea presented within and give connotation the whole time (Basten, 1980). But you have to remember that story structure just applies to the style in which a narrative I passed on not the narrative itself. This shows that the story structure is in the sequential phase or stages that proceeds from one to the other all through the narrative.

The series of scenes, which includes the illustration, sound coming back and movement of the characters or objects on the screen, are essentially easy to understand. A particular emotion, convinced subject, belief and an event, which makes the viewer think about it, have to be approachable and even if there’s a fighting scene viewer can realize instantly why they are fighting for. The idea recognizes the pattern of the movie. To expressive the idea or theme these all features of the movie have to perform collectively. The analysis of dialogues, acting, drama, set of clothes, scene shooting, arrangement of spotting the camera to catch the each position, subplot of the story, turning points of the story and past reminiscences have to be, in fact, uncomplicated for the viewer and the viewer can effortlessly recognize the aides of the theme used in any film (Salt, 1992).
The analysis of a film is an evaluation of all the fundamentals how they used to link up the idea to reveal. The multiple viewing of the film gives more perspective information to the viewer. Generally, when we watched the film for the very first time is just to get idea of the story which reflects its first impression and the mind state.
      This paper explains what analyzing a movie requires such as the effectiveness of the dialogue and the storyline, the background and set pieces, the performance of the actors, the editing of the movie, and what the director has put on the film.   To interpret the meaning of a movie is to say there is some kind of a point to it.   The movie has something to say or a specific issue is explored.   The meaning may be a thought of expression or communication or maybe an impression, an observation, or maybe it is a judgment.   It has some type of argument or the film has a meaning that is offering a way that makes sense to us.

Personal Criteria

My own criteria for a film which would must be impressive that I would covet to watch.   I cannot only see a film to view it and after that give an assessment.   In case of a film is too lengthy, there’s no point to view this film until or unless it has some interest for me.   If it is not what I desired to watch or simply does not have any interest for me, in that case I have to confess I will not view the rest of the film.
Throughout the film, I have come across several things about movie watching that has permitted me to be an extra cautious spectator. I have come across that examining a film does not confiscate from the enjoyment of watching and can most of the times increase it as I recognize more of what type of this film and how hard making this film.
Film evaluating primarily demands us to become fully absorbed in the movie we are watching.   Not only view the movie, but to understand of each of its elements for example story, set of clothes, camera position, performance of the actors, shooting sights,  lighting and drama for only some of a long list of elements.   “We must concentrate our attention on responding sensitively to what is happening on the screen the simultaneous interplay of image, sound and motion.” (Boggs & Petrie, 2008)   In addition, the movie evaluation does not finish with the movie and we all ought to bear in mind that a movie is an art type.

Analyzing a movie does not obliterate the attraction of its watching it may in fact increase our enjoyment of watching by analyzing the movie by its elements.
Examining a movie is most critical. It is an essential aspect, in completely perceptive the movie we are watching. The production of a movie and the movies procedure is very vast. It is very important for the spectator to be competent to recognize what the auteur is endeavoring to communicate to its viewers.
It is essential to keep in mind all the essential elements before starting the analysis of a film. I always read out the titles and credits to just to know the cast of the film and title provides a hint of movie genre. Further, each shot is very critical in film and I always pay a good attention on what’s going on in the scene and what character is doing what. Each time when the camera changes its direction and I put more focus when the story is on the turning point. In other words I fully absorbed in the film and analyze each and every shot.
There are six points to analyze a film successfully
No matter we are doing the analysis for our own purpose or analyzing the film for others, we should know some rules to analyze the film properly. For the amazement of several film viewers, there are many points to remember but the below six points really works well and give the more insight information which they normally achieved before (Parkinson, 1995).

1. Analysis of Title and List of Acknowledgement (Credits)
It is not necessary that you might get something by evaluating the title or list of acknowledgement. But in fact, it is significant that you focus on the credits as well.  Trying to find out why the film was titled as it is and how the credits aid to make a sense.  Further, try to observe if you can spot any idea out of the credits.

2. Static Image
It is usual to freeze the film and see a particular scene many other times.  This gives you to note down the specific observations and actually provide you a chance to grab a hold of each and every aspect.  Be ready to carry out a film analysis.

3. Conversation with Translation
To actually recognize the conversation, it is significance turning on the conversation with translation.  This gives you to understand precisely what everybody is saying during each and every scene.  This is the point when a spectator sees a film multiple times.

4. Film Making Standards
Film Making standards are also part of your objectives to perform a film analysis. You need to think whether the movie has low standard or it has a high standard.  Cheap or low quality material is used in a low standard film production which gives a bad impression on audiences. However, the gleaming and exclusive look material leaves the impression lasts on the viewers.

5. Observes the Special Editions
Finding and watching the movie special edition is the next step which you have to take right after viewed the complete film. You need to observe each and every aspect of the film which includes the trailers, censored scenes and viewer’s comments. All of the extra features and special shows provide you a cliché about how the film was in fact composed.

6. Quality as a whole
The final point you use to make an assessment during the film analysis is to weigh the quality of the movie. However you possibly find some scenes have been so impressive but the analysis of the complete film is essential. And every single scene, which used to create the film, is need to be evaluated as every bit of shot played an important role, which is what you put on your critique list; to analyze the quality of the film as a whole.
Sometimes the change in creative artists from literature to screen can have great effects on the story. Take for instance The Shining originally written by Stephen King. It was a story of a haunted hotel and it was made into a film originally by Stanley Kubrick. Kubrick made numerous changes to the story line making turning it into a psychological film. It was well received by critics as a wonderful film but the author of the story, Stephen King, rejected it as it did not contain the original elements. Adaptations do not necessarily mean that it will not be like the book. Stephen King was able to; decades later make a screenplay for the film and have it created in his vision. This version remained true to the literature but still left out many important parts for the value of viewer entertainment.
Films can be made to make the viewer think about thinks bigger that the entertainment that it is supposed to provide. For instance, the horror film by Wes Craven, The Last House on the Left (original) was a horror film on the surface. Many people did not understand that it was allegorical to what was going on at the time. It was made to oppose the Vietnam War and that fact that we invaded. The premise was that the supposed innocent characters engaged in devious behavior. Once invaded, the actual killers were not allowed to leave without being killed off.
Communal and political point of view can produce some powerful production and horrific films. You have to observe the technique of the screenplay author but expect that the auteur comprehend and team up with them to make the whole idea of the marks that are to be depict in movies.
There are different motives that can be used in making different movies. But the definitive point of movie is to keep amuse the spectators or viewers. It is designed to search out the response from the audience but they are also anticipated to put on the market to get the expense of film making back.

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