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September 26, 2012

Art Museum Assignment

Art Museum Assignment
“Established in 1941, the Indiana University Art Museum in Bloomington, Indiana, USA, has become known as "one of the foremost university art museums in the country". The museum currently holds several internationally acclaimed collections, ranging from ancient gold jewelry and African masks to paintings by Claude Monet and Pablo Picasso. Holdings include over 30,000 objects representing nearly every art-producing culture throughout history. The museum is currently directed by Heidi Gealt.
The Indiana University Art Museum was designed as a commission by the board of trustees of Indiana University. Construction began in 1978 and ended in 1982.
Designed by I.M. Pei & Partners, the museum was created without a single right angle anywhere in the building's structure except for some stairs. Every wall, corner, and ceiling meets another point at some angle other than 90 degrees.
The museum's permanent collection includes works by Jackson Pollock, Claude Monet, Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Auguste Rodin and Andy Warhol. This art museum also has Late Gothic and Renaissance paintings by Nicolo Buonacorso, Taddeo Gaddi Workshop.Master of Holy Kinship, Felipe Vigamy, Giovanni Pordenone("Saint Christopher"), and Vittore Crivelli. It also has Baroque paintings by Strozzi, Luca Giordano, Gerard Terborch, Emanuel De Witte, and Matthias Stomer. It also has Nineteenth Century paintings by Daubigny, Gustave Caillebotte, Theodore Clement Steele and the Hoosier Group, and Jasper Cropsey. It also has Twentieth Century paintings by these German painters: Emil Nolde("Nudes and Eunuch"), Kirschner, Macke, Jawlensky, and Beckmann("Hope Family). It also has Twentieth Century American works by Alfred Leslie, Robert Colescott, Sol Lewitt, and Donald Judd. It also has a large collection of Greek antiquities, especially of Attic origin and an appreciable collection of African works relating to tribal ceremonies and funerals (Nigeria, Congo, Ghana, Benin, Ivory Coast).” (Shanghai Jiao Tong University, 2010) (, 2010) & (Iub, 2010)
The Indiana University art Museum is the ideal place for those who are very much enthusiastic about the art and its different dimensions. The museum offers the variety of services and exhibitions to cater the enthusiasm of art lovers.
However the purpose of this paper is to reflect the experience and thoughts that are gained by this visit, as stated earlier that the Museum has the unique treasure of art that was the main catalyst for me to choose that destination.
Although, the University keeps arranging and celebrating the different occasions and exhibitions, therefore;  here I would like to share my experience about its on going exhibition that has been started from  25th September and will be continued till the  December 19th , 2010.
The exhibition name is “African Reinventions: Reused Materials in Popular Culture.” One can easily join this exhibition that is going on at the first floor of the museum at the Special Exhibitions Gallery known as “The Judi and Milt Stewart Hexagon Gallery.”
In that exhibition there was variety of marvelous art pieces that has the perfect capabilities to attract the viewers’ attention but here I would like to discuss about the selected one that cached my attention at once and stuck me to keep focusing on that work.
The first artistic creation that astonished me; about the deepness of thought, invention and innovation of the creator or developer was the innovative radio that was developed by using the wires, coils, different type of circuits, circuit boards, tin of coca cola, speaker , battery and antenna. This unique art work is lent by the two persons whose names are Daniel FitzSimmons and Tavy Aherne.
This art work gave me the knowledge about the creative thinking of African people and gave insights about that if any person has the creative mind; he or she can invent, innovate and develop those ideas and creations that is hard to imagine that it could be happened as well as hard to believe that such type of things and creations has been invented and is/are now present in material shape and in real forms.
This radio is complete replica of recycle concept and ideas. This devise is comprised and developed with the help of used materials as you can see yourself in the picture. This type of creation also portray the limited resources and lack of financial resource about the African people but on the other side this creation is the catalyst for those who has lack of resources but have skills, here in Indiana there are lot of Asian people live and their countries has much better economy than to African countries. The reasons to discuss that point; nothing but else is just to expand the positive thoughts and imaginations.
This innovation gave me the idea that this radio must have developed for personal or local use but when I was observing this object; I was informed that now this type of devices are easily available for commercial purposes and one can browse the web to find and purchase this type of innovative and unique creations.
Another thing that I learned by observing this artistic work is that, if these type of activities is supported and supervised by NGOs like Amnesty international or Green Peace, I believe that this supervision will act as a petrol on the jungle fire in promoting the unique innovations, providing financial independence as well as economic stability. Especially these promoting activities will ultimately help to mitigate the crime rate in those African societies that is now common in the shape of robbery, drug trade, illegal goods trade and like others.
This artwork further developed the thought inside my mind that if such type of products is properly promoted, the global environmental issue could be managed significantly that is being kept raised by the Green Peace and other environmental protection agencies. My reason behind is that every new product and in my case the radio; require resources to develop and manufacture and there is no need to say that these all products are manufactured in factories that need energy to manage the operations therefore if these recycled products are supported so we can easily safe the sufficient amount of energy and resources, simultaneously playing a key role as an environmental friendly individual or nation.
The look of that radio was marvelous and the piece is perfect in shape. The radio has the rectangular in shape with all standard features that a common Radio has. It’s backed with antenna, volume and tuning setting knobs. The radio is adorned with the used tin-piece of coca-cola beverage. The whole radio piece is covered or I may say that tried to cover with the aluminum rods/coils and their bands. Noticeable thing is that the use of these rods/coils is very sophisticated, these rods are also shaped in circles and these rod- circles are used on the all sides of the radio at the appropriate places and angle that are playing as a role of decorative elements/designs. However, the flipside of the piece is that its machinery and parts are opened therefore careful attention is inevitable but the creation and concept is no doubt … “the breathtaking”. (Iub, 2010)
The second object that cached my attention is the lion object that belongs to Bamako, Mali. This masterpiece of art work is another creation of highly artistic mind that must have the sophisticated ideas as the creation is being portrayed itself.
The object is the model or replica of the jungle king “the Lion” that is innovated and developed by transforming the tin can of “moon tiger” that is the insecticide product, as far as my understanding concern that I got after reviewing this abject. For the information; this item is lent by the Patrick McNaughton to the museum.
The Lion or the artistic creation of this unique art object is; what can I say about that; absolutely the groundbreaking innovation that can be utilized as the unique decoration pieces to enrich your home or office beauty.
The used-tin is utilized in a highly technical and appropriate manner. The picture of lion on the tin is used on the chest of the object. The blue portion of the tin is used to develop the tummy and medium part of the lion while yellow part is used to shape the lion’s face, tail and back legs. The blue part of tin is also used to make and fix the nose on the face. This blue color combination can also be viewed on the front legs. I believe that the creator must have the idea and knowledge about the blue color and its characteristics therefore he used the blue color on the front legs and the development of the head’s part. The long mane of hair on the Lion’s neck is developed by using red colors, however, the ear are in multicolor. The interesting point is that the innovator preferred to use the yellow color in feet.
            In other words, the overall color combination of the object   portrays the sophisticated knowledge of the innovator about the color combination and their characteristics. One more thing that is tiny but important is the teeth and moustaches’ combination that is artistically made and set by using the nail and aluminum coils, according to my observations. (Iub, 2010)
            Almost the same thing and ideas are came in my mind and still being come during the writing of this paper is that why these type of artwork and creation is just limited to the museums only. Why these all type of activities don’t support by the government and officials of that third world countries. Here I would like to repeat the role and contribution of international NGOs that is doesn’t seem progressive as I discussed earlier.
            According to my view point, if these ideas are properly supported, the reasonable and continuous stream of cash could be generated easily because that Lion object is highly worthwhile in design and quality as I never find a single dent or misshaping on the object that is the clear evidence of highly skilled capabilities of the artist.
            As far as I understand that specially in African Countries; if that type of activities is supported and nurtured, the proper toy and/or decoration pieces’ industry could easily be set/developed. Initially it could be prompted as a small or household industry then gradually converted to the main industry. I believe that if African Countries’ officials give proper attention to the manufacturing and exporting of these types of toys and art creation, ultimately they will be able to enjoy the new sources of income and continuous foreign exchange that will ultimate help to improve their financial and economic conditions.
In conclusion, the both pieces of art, “the Radio” and “the Lion” are highly sophisticated and marvelous creation of art that opened my eyes and dimensions of my mind and my thinking abilities as well. These both innovation able me to explore the new and unique horizons of development and creations that I tried my best to discus above because the art itself is the outcome of the thoughts and imagination; therefore the imaginations and thoughts that came into my mind during the review of this skilled art work; I converted into this paper in the shape of words.


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