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September 5, 2012

Article Analysis Sample

12:44 PM

Article Analysis  
Columnist Robert Worth in his article ‘Is Yemen the Next Afghanistan’ published in the New York Times discusses the various political, social and economic aspects and dimensions through which one can or could not reach to the conclusion as to whether the country emerging as the bastion for contemporary Al-Qaeda leadership emerge as a serious threat for the United States.
The writer at length the historical background that has drove the country to a point where its water and oil reserves are on the brink of extinction. With looming anarchy and political turbulence engulfing the place, it does not sound astounding that radical extremists who use different sort of intimidatory tactics to exercise and enforce their hegemony have been able to establish their secure base in almost all major parts of the country. It has repeatedly been suspected by different intelligence agencies that the top guns of Al-Qaeda such as Aiman al Zawahri and Anwar Al Awlaki have taken refuge in Yemen, which they see as a safe ground for pursuing their anti-west activities. (Robert, 2010)
However apart from all this the writer of this article does not accentuate or shed light on the dual policies that have been implemented by the foreign policy architects of the US as far as Yemen in concerned. He does not outline the bitter reality that it was US in the first place who engineered the collapse of the democratic government in the country and supported the dictatorial regime of Ali Abdullah Saleh who conducted massive scale genocide in the country, thus unintentionally preparing grounds that facilitate the growth of a fearless militia like Al-Qaeda.
 Another major contradiction at policy implementation level can be witnessed in this article in the form of drone attacks that are conducted with the purpose of eliminating Al-Qaeda regime. However, in the collateral damage that it inflicts fuels greater resentment for America, thus further strengthening the tentacles of the terrorists and nurturing the formation of a Frankenstein monster that it has always done.


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