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September 30, 2012

Case Analysis o Article Example

Case Analysis Based on an Article
Overview of the Situation Provided
In the article that has been presented for analysis highlights the various aspects that need to be considered as far as the looming mania and the social repercussions related to gaming are concerned. With the increasing craze of computer games, organizations that manufacture and prepare such games are in a midst of cutthroat competition with each other in order to outpace each other. In the lust of overriding each other many companies which also include the highly reputed and prominent companies such as Microsoft and Zynga have implied unethical and plagiarizing kind of policies for their newly launched products and games.
Director of gaming and entertainment devices of Microsoft, David McLean during the launch of company’s new gaming product Kinetc provided the entire gaming community an open impression about the perspective that the organization has regarding the reforms that are being taken and formulated for the betterment of gaming community’s impression in the form of improving their ratings and censorship issues that has emerged as a major threat to the gaming industry in contemporary times. From the kind and nature of statement that has been given from an organization of Microsoft caliber, to prominent deductions can be made. (Shankar, 2010)
Situational Analysis
One is that the organization has clearly outlined the target audience for which it will be launching its gaming products for which will encompass gaming maniacs as it has nothing to do with geeks and bookworms. Secondly, the attitude manifested by the organizational representative has made it transparent that the organization is only interested and keen to acquire short-term success as far as gaming and other entertainment models for target audience is concerned. By restricting its target audience to a certain number of specific people any victory in the gaming segment will only be short-lived, temporary and will possess a fleeting existence.
Another example of similar organizational behavior has been demonstrated by Zynga by sticking to its plagiarizing conventions of business exercises, oppressive advancement and other serious charges. One of the salient features that has been outlined by critics regarding the gaming innovations introduced by Zynga is that the organization is not accentuating upon the exploration of venues and frontiers that may lead to greater innovation and advancement in the gaming industry or designing games that make use or demonstrate greater skills of creativity and dexterity, instead much of the investment in terms of time and money is being squandered on the very same areas which do not exhibit or display greater potentials that may enhance or introduce innovated level of creativity in the game that are being launched by Zynga. The organization is still taking a backseat as far as more creative ventures are concerned sticking itself to the very same trend and culture of games which have been regarded as MMO by the writer.
A prime reason behind such a strategy can be that many of the games which have been engineered by Zynga satisfy the gaming requirements and criteria specifically designed for social media and networking websites such as Facebook, hence many of these games cater to the needs and interests of the target audience that regularly visit the website and entertain themselves with games such as Poker and Farmville which have not been overloaded with heavy graphics and other highly technical features which makes them much more compatible when functioning on social networking websites. Another area which has experienced widespread criticism from experts from various technology and gaming segments is that the rules and regulations related to privacy laws and its subsequent implementation have been severely violated by Zynga. It has also become evident that the organization has applied a completely indifferent approach as far as infringement to privacy and its regulations are concerned. A person can easily access into another person’s gaming area by faking any other identity and accessing into any other identity through which many such things which are ethically and morally unacceptable can be conducted with increasing convenience and amenity. (McDaniel, 2004)
With increasing advancement in the gaming sector it is becoming imminent that the gaming industry has diverted its ethical, moral and financial priorities towards the development of games and entertaining stuff that is directed towards a limited target audience and do not incorporate features or characterstics that provide evidence about the use and application of creative skills and potentials in the gaming application that has been designed for the entertainment purpose of people. It is time that they start revising and rectifying their policies and their approaches towards their actions as in such economically unpredictable times when consumer credibility is rampantly undergoing erosion, organizations need to formulate policies which are beneficial to their financial progress in a sustainable way. 


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