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September 27, 2012

Essay on Mobile Phone

The Nokia N82 is all-features-in-one type fantastic mobile and it is considered the next N-series bestseller. It was a fairly sure bet that a worthy successor wouldn't take long to appear, following the sweeping success of Nokia N73.
It has an auto focus 5 MP Camera with Carl Zeiss optics and Xenon flash and has a lens cover with Xenon flash. 2.4 inches screen with a display of 16M QVGA color. For faster performance it has a built-in 128MB RAM. It offers Wi-Fi, A-GPS functionality and Built-in GPS receiver. Nokia maps application that covers over hundred countries of the world. A 3.5 mm standard audio jack on the top of the phone is placed. Mobile supports 3G (with HSDPA), GPRS & EDGE. It gives a TV-out with automatic screen rotation and stereo sound speakers. It gives more working hours in one charge of battery.
Some disadvantages
The mobile has a contentious design with questionable ergonomics. There isn’t any RDS for the radio.  The GPS performance is poor and considered below average. There are extra charges for voice assisted navigation. There aren’t any applications for editing office documents. It doesn't charge off USB.
Inserting the SIM and the battery
Switch the cell off and make the back of the device face you, press and hold the release button, slide down the cover, and lift it gently. To release the SIM card holder, slide the holder to the right, and lift the holder up. Place the SIM card into the stainless steel card holder. Ensure that the chamfered corner on the card is facing the chamfered corner on the holder, and that the metallic contact area on the card is facing down. Slide the holder towards the left side, back to the slot to lock the holder into place. Place the battery with right direction. Put the cover back and slide so that the locking catches are directed towards their slots.
Switching the device on
Press down & hold the power key. If the device prompts to enter the PIN or lock code, enter it, and press down the left selection key. The factory default setting for the lock code is 12345.
Charging the battery
Connect the provided compatible charger to a suitable wall outlet. Connect the power cord pin to the mobile. It may take a while before the charging indicator starts animating, if the battery is completely exhausted. The charging indicator stops animating, when the battery is fully charged. After that, pull out the pin of the charger from the mobile, and then from the electric outlet.
Inserting the memory card
Put your finger in the recess below the door of the slot of memory card, and lift the door. Pull the door to the left to expose the hinge, and swing the door to the side. Place a simpatico memory card in the slot. Be sure that the metallic contact area on the memory card is towards the slot and facing up. Slightly push the memory card inside. You can hear a slight click sound when the card locks into place. Close the door after pushing the hinge back in. Make sure the door for the slot is closed properly.
Removing the memory card
Select remove memory card by first pressing the power key, before ejecting the memory card. All the running applications are shut down. “When removing memory card will close all open applications. Remove anyway?” is displayed, select “Yes”. When “Remove memory card and press OK” is displayed, open the door of the slot of memory card. Push the memory card to take it out from the slot. Pull out the memory card gently. If the mobile is switched on, select OK.
Tips and Tricks
Backing up cell phone memory
In this cell phone there is a feature to back up your device settings and contents to a compatible memory card. Go to Menu > Tools > Utilities > Memory and select Options > Back up phone memory.
Automatic keypad lock
Select Keypad auto lock period from Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Security > Phone and SIM card to enable automatic keypad locking option after a defined period of idle time.
Shortcut to silence
Press and hold down hash key (#) to switch between the General and Silent profiles, in the standby mode. If you have 2 network services (phone lines), this action will switch between the two lines.
Check your voice mail
Press down and hold 1, to make a call to your voice mailbox (network service) in the standby mode.
The cell phone is not water resistant so keep it safe from water. Turn Power off before changing battery or removing memory card.


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