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September 14, 2012

Essay Paper on Business Technology

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Business Technology

            Cisco Systems business market is networking equipment and network management tools for the Internet. Within this market, Cisco Systems main products are routers and switches. A switch is a piece of hardware that joins multiple computers together within one local network or LAN. Switches take incoming data packets and determine the source and destination device of that packet and then forward it appropriately. By delivering packets of data to the device it was intended for, a network switch conserves bandwidth and increases performance (Murphy, 2002).

Along with the World Wide Web Internet, companies also use Intranets. An Intranet is a network, which is internal to the company itself, and allows information to be passed over their own private network (Murphy, 2002). This system is very useful for corporations, as it allows the transfer of information to occur without the need for it to enter the global Internet system. This has many benefits including speed of the connection and data processing, increased security, and specific configuration to needs of the company. An Intranet within a company is connected by a Local Area Network (LAN); connections that need to be made over a large geographical area are made by a Wide Area Network (WAN).

Service MACOM different from product MACOM
Formulating a strategy of communications for subtle services vary in crucial regards from promoting and advertising physical trade good. Guidelines for action need to reflect the special characteristics of services. Many of the differences distinguishing services from goods have important implications for marketing communications. The six most relevant differences are: Impalpable quality of participation in production, Customer Services and service operation are more difficult for customers to evaluate, reduced role for intermediaries, significance of customer-contact personnel and need to balance supply and demand (Murphy, 2002).  

Intangible Nature of Service performances
Recognizing that service is a operation instead of an objective means that ways have to be found to make the service more pragmatic and to clear up what the operation can do for the customer. Service providers should use tangible cues whenever possible in their advertising campaigns, especially for low-contact services, which involve a few tangible elements.
At a very basic level, some companies have succeeded in creating a tangible, recognizable symbol to associate with their corporate brand names. For instance, many companies employ animal motifs as physical symbols for their services. More important is making the message itself easier to grasp. Creating metaphors that are tangible in nature makes intangible claims more concrete. Thus, Fuji Bank presents a mountain motif to suggest corporate solidity, and Air India uses the Centaur as a symbol of movement and speed.

Customer Involvement in Production
Pressures to improve productivity in service organizations often involve technological innovations in service delivery. If customers accept technology as a substitute for human effort, or agree to perform more of the work themselves in the form of self-service, then the service business may be able to cut its cost significantly.
But these benefits cannot be archived if customers resist new technologically-based systems or avoid self-service alternatives. Here, the service provider needs to become an educator. One approach recommended by advertising experts is to show service delivery in action. For this purpose, television or videos shown in the service facility or brochures are good media, because of their ability to engage the viewer as they display a seamless sequence of events in visual form.
Publicity and Advertising can play a major role in making the customers aware of the changes being done in delivery systems service or features requiring different scripts. Sales promotions could then be used as incentives to motivate customers to change their behavior. Publicizing price discounts is one way to encourage self-service on an ongoing basis. At self-service gas pumps, for instance, the price difference from full-service is often substantial.

Services are more difficult for clients to assess
Customers may experience trouble recognizing one business firm from the other one and of experiencing the performance level they are expecting with a particular provider. Firm have to provide tangible clues specifically in relation to spotlighting the equipment’s quality, service performance, employed and documenting employee characteristics such as their qualifications, experience, commitment and professionalism.

Supply and demand management
Most service, such as a room at the Marriott on Monday, or a haircut on Tuesday morning, are time-specific and cannot be stored for resale at a later date. Marketers often resort to using advertising and sales promotions to shape demand to match capacity available at a given time. Demand-management strategies include reducing usage during peak demand periods and stimulating it during off-peak periods. There are many opportunities for service providers top design, advertise and deliver promotions that communicate price reduction in an exciting and attention-getting manner.
One strategy for hotels to avoid lowering the list price too much is to run promotions that offer extra value instead. These could include a room upgrade and a free breakfast to induce requirement without making use of cost immediately as a tool. When demand increases the number of promotions can be reduced or eliminated.

Importance of Contact Personnel
            The services personnel are central to the services delivery in the high contact services. Their presence makes the service more tangible and, in many cases more personalized. The marketer should brief staff members about the content of new advertising campaign or brochures. This is because customers will be disappointed if a firm's brochures and advertisements show friendly, smiling workers but, in reality, most employees turn out to be glum.
Employee incentive programmers (e.g. cash bonus, awards, dinners and recognition programs) are often used as part of an internal marketing effort for quality control in the service facility. In high contact services, employees also help implement promotional efforts. For instance, the gift premiums offered by fast-food chains, or upgrades to larger or more luxurious vehicles at car-rental facilities can both be delivered personally to customers at the point-of sale. When customer-contact personnel are actually responsible for sales, they can be motivated and rewarded as part of an overall sales promotion.

E-business is changing the way everyone does business all over the world these days. E-business understands the prospective of having new equipment and skills in one’s market and in the supply chain and then reorienting your business to put into action the vision one has always seen.  


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