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September 28, 2012

Essay Paper on Ethel's Chocolate Lounges

Case Study: Ethel’s Chocolate Lounges
The chocolate and its aroma are now become the addiction for lots people all over the globe. Especially in the USA where the aromatic flavor of chocolate became the part and parcel element, because of their delicious tastes. 
The surging popularity of the chocolate in the USA is the catalyst that encourages the British Chocolate houses to setup their business inside the United States. In that connection, the Ethel’s Chocolate Lounges are the popular entity in the chocolate business that has been acclaimed because of their ambience, competitive prices, socialization opportunities and luxurious environment. In United States the Ethel’s Chocolate Lounge is the Chocolate house that beat the popularity record by keep providing quality chocolate and chocolate desserts with competitive prices that made it, the consumer’s preferred choice.
Following are the type of consumer buying decisions that describe the choice to indulge at Ethel’s Chocolate Lounges.  
        Basically, the price and the level of satisfaction that a consumer receives in term of price exchange is the key catalysts that motivate the consumer to make their purchasing decisions. The competitive prices on the customized products are the key features of Ethel’s Chocolate Lounges that keep motivates the customers to keep indulge themselves in the aroma of Ethel’s branded chocolates. The key aspects that should be remembered in decision-making process are the need recognition, evaluation of alternatives, information search, purchase and post-purchase behaviors, these key elements are important both for the customer and for the business to select and provide the best product or services. 
As far as the Ethel’s Chocolate concern, it is the ideal place for luxurious and peaceful environment with the range of delicious chocolate varieties such as Classic & Chocolate Pecan Brittle, Classic Brittle with Chocolate-Stribbon and Classic Pecan Brittle etc. Another reason of choosing the lounge is the availability of several varieties of beverages that are served by choice to enhance the taste and maximize the customer’s taste satisfactions.
The lounge is the ideal place for establishing and strengthens the socialization because of its commodious customer sitting arrangements. The Ethel’s chocolate lounges’ Relaxing Ambience with the opportunities of establishing and strengthens the socializations is the good alternative of American Coffee houses but with competitive and economical prices. The lounge also advertises itself in that wording “a place for chocolate and chitchat.” The lounge offers the varieties of chocolate combinations that are backed with the customized beverages, this combination act as the catalyst to encourage the Americans to make the lounge as a first preference. Therefore, the competitive and luxurious facilities that Ethel’s chocolate lounge offers are similar to the American Coffee house but what make the Ethel’s chocolate lounge as preferred choice? It is competitive and economical prices that give it the edge against their rivals and their rivalry. It should be borne in mind that the price factor is the major motivator to influence the customer to prefer the lounge to experience the American Coffee house environment at affordable prices.  
Justify which factor you think will motivate a consumer the most.
After having discussion about the Ethel’s chocolate lounge, one aspect is obvious that has the utmost effect on the consumer buying decisions that are the prices and their return. Almost, every customer has the ability to judge and analyze the process and related information about any particular product and services that he or she going to have. Their expectations and/or experience about the level of satisfactions that he will receive or experienced are the key factors that motivate or de-motivate him/her to make any buying decision or continue/discontinue their buying patterns.
The needs that Ethel’s experience appeals the most are the following reasons.  There is a direct need to adjust the prices continuously, because many customers argued about the prices and tastes. In that connection, proper market survey will be beneficial for having information about the rivals and their rivalry prices and services. It will be inevitable to adjust the prices with varieties after doing customer and rivals surveys because in the continuity and success of any business, customer satisfactions and its maximization is inevitable. These satisfactions always keep judge by the customer who expends their money with the expectation that he/she will receive the maximized return. therefore, continuous market and consumer’s behavior research are inevitable to be the active player in any particular industry, the Ethel’s chocolate should keep continuing its strategy as it is doing right-now with the adoption of above mentioned suggestions.
The conclusion of this paper is that the Ethel’s Chocolate Lounge is now became the buzzword among the American Chocolate lovers because of its luxury, ambiance and socialization opportunities as well as its economical prices. Furthermore, the customized facilities and flavors that are the integral parts of lounge services that made it as preferred choice. The essence of this discussion and success of Ethel’s Chocolate Lounge, is the customer satisfactions that are the key elements that attract or distracts the clientele. Therefore, in that connection Ethel’s Chocolate Lounge should keep modifying and polishing their customer oriented policies so that it could be remain stable against the rivalry.


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