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October 2, 2012

Causes and Effects of violent crime in Philadelphia

Causes and Effects of violent crime in Philadelphia
Crime has always been a single factor that is adequate to create immense instability, turmoil and chaos within the social setup of any city. Moreover a very prominent adverse effect of the surging rate of crimes and criminal activities in any city lowers the level of trust and credibility that the people of the place invest in their law enforcement and peace maintaining organizations and institutions. In the country of United States Philadelphia is one of the cities that have always occupied a top tier position when it comes to crime and their surging levels. In 2005 it was reported that the city had a homicide rate of 15.2% which was the highest in the country at that time. On an annual basis over 81, 833 crime incidents were reported in the city out of which 20, 902 belonged to violent category and the remaining 60, 931 belonged to property feuds and disputes. During the course of this discussion we would develop an understanding towards the different causes that has led to such violent criminal activities in the city along with the subsequent effects that these activities have on the residents of the city. (Neighborhood, 2011)
One of the key reasons that can be figured behind this unprecedented rise of criminal activities in the city is primarily because of the extraordinary increase in gun culture that has plagued the streets of the city. In addition to this it is also important to mention here that the increasing weapon and ammunition culture in the city has also affected children who roam on the streets of Philadelphia carrying weapons along with themselves. Along with this there are also other factors that play an effective role in surging the level and graph of crime rate in the city in which there is increasing percentage of poverty that has coerced people to use illicit means for the fulfillment of their desires, the economic condition of the city is also experiencing a constant deterioration as a result of which crime rate has also increased.
Coming towards the effects of the surging crime rate is first and foremost the loosing writ of the government and the collapse of the law and order situation in the city which has posed a serious question upon the performance and credibility of law enforcement agencies in the city. According to many residents of the city people sitting in Capitol Hill are being held captive by the gun lobby who intends to foster a vicious and dangerous gun culture in the country. Moreover the loss of innocent lives as a result of this chaos fuels greater resentment and hatred for the government in the minds of people as they themselves become more rebelliously retaliating. Statistics disclose that most of the victims that have died as a result of these violent crimes are between the ranges of 13 to 15 years old. (Matthew, 2008)
It is important that the US government formulate strong and stringent strategies in order to curb these violent crimes and instead listening and obeying the orders of the gun lobby take strict measures for people they are bound to protect.


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