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October 4, 2012

College Admission Essay- personal information

College Admission Essay- personal information
I am writing this admission essay with the enthusiasm that it motivates me to apply in your institution because of its high quality educational standard and its alumnae that is now playing a principal role in the leading local and global organization.
            I am the legal citizen of US and belong to Texas and have the adequate financial resources that you may confirm through the official statements. I have planned to initiate and manage the business because I always prefer to do the challenging task and, as you know, managing the business in current dynamic and competitive environment itself is the big challenge.
            The reason to prefer the challenging work is I believe that life itself is the big challenge if someone wants to manage it according to its own ambition and dimensions. I had experienced number of challenges that not only polished my skills but also intensified my burning desire to learn new dimensions.
Here, I would like to refer my personal experience that is about self-management in an unexpected situation. After examination, I had plenty of leisure time to enjoy but my senior suggested me to sit and observe the business operation of my uncle business at his premises. Initially it looked awkward but then I motivated myself that learning new things itself is fun. Therefore, I started to go there to observe and learn the ongoing operational activities.
One day, at lunch time, an unknown person came and presented an envelope to me; when I asked about it, he said it is the professional correspondence document. I replied that it is lunch time and the staff is on the break and I am here as a trainee. I requested him to come back later but instead of going back he put the pistol on my head and ordered to follow the instruction that is inside the envelope.
I was stuck and totally perplexed at that moment; however, when I opened the envelope, there was a demand of 1000 USD cash. I again told him that I am here as trainee and I haven’t had any information about the financial matter but he refused my argument.
Because of his attitude and threat of my life I had to guide him towards the Cash counter machine but at the same time some of staff member entered the hall to whom the robber couldn’t watch because of its total engagement in finding and collecting the cash. I took his engagement as an opportunity and wrote the rescue help line number on the paper, clipped it with the pen and threw it carefully towards the staff member. I also tried to guide them to leave the place by using my gesture. At first they were confused but when they read the paper they realized the situation. To be precise, my efforts brought a fruitful result and the robber failed to accomplish his bad desire.
This incident teaches me that how to be remained calm in stressful situation and polished my skills and abilities to do the right decision in highly stressful situation that could take my life. This incident also teaches me that how a person could manage herself or himself and others to overcome the problem.
This personal experience I considered as the important addition in my life experience and ultimately will help me to achieve the educational goals and assignment submission’s deadlines. Furthermore, this experience will be a catalyst in contributing my efforts to create a diverse working environment by guiding my peers about how to manage in tough situation specially in meeting the assignments’ deadlines.
To be clear I am heterosexual personality that brought me to have introduction and meeting with the ADD. The key aspect is that this facet has been elusive for several years but when diagnosed, this news acts as atomic bomb for me that totally perplexed me that what I should do or not to do but after sometime I motivated myself that it is not the end as the doctors said that it is manageable. Therefore, I reloaded myself that it would better to have the taste of life than to be standstill. This motivation enabled me to achieve the continuous A’s in my academic journey. Because of this motivation and approved confidence level that I have, I believe that admission in Texas A&M would be the great addition for my experience and for college as well.


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