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October 6, 2012

Criminology Essay Sample

Criminology is the branch of scientific study of extent, causes, nature and control of criminal behavior of the society and individual both. Criminology is the multidimensional and interdisciplinary field of behavioral science that focuses on the research not only on the sociologists’ perspective but also for psychologists, social anthropologists etc. (Deflem & Mathieu, 2006)
According to accident there are number of concerns that need to be highlighted. Therefore, following are the answers of the questions that will ultimately help to solve this tragic mystery of the civilized lady murder.
As a student of criminology, I would rather to have and collect the above mentioned samples for further testing and analysis. The reason behind this, as a crime scene that was portraying the tragic event of a women’s death and all signs are indicating that the victim is Strangulated by the criminal during the struggle she did to prevent her, but when criminal failed to accomplish his evil desire than he beat the victim harshly that caused to death of the respectful citizen.

The reason to collect soil as a sample is that, the dirt soiling could provide the evidence of blood and sperm both that will help to justify the reason that the victim is penalized, not offering her willingness to have sex with the criminal. Furthermore, this blood test can help to analyze the DNA specification of both the victim and the criminal because there is the probability of blood drop or presence of the criminal as Crime scene portrayed that the Victim is tried her best to prevent but failed.
The twigs, grass and leaves will also be collected for the same reason as described above for soil’s sample collection. It would be rather to have those grass fragments that are founded inside her pubic hairs; it could be the evidence of rape or sexual assault.
The wrist watch will be collected to figure out the fingerprints that will probably help to identify the criminal through the fingerprint database. The purse or hand bag will also be used as sample for same purpose to identify and check the fingerprints.
Discuss the merits and disadvantages of attending the scene of discovery of the body in this case.
The main merit to attend, watching and analyzing the crime scene is to analyze the real time situation and to construct the imagination on the available scene and evidence. Because investigation of the crime is basically the research, the research of finding the conclusion via proper evidence and arguments, therefore as a research started on the basis of assumption and formulation of the idea, the investigation does the same. Attending the crime scene is the catalyst to construct the imagination about what happened and what should be done to reach the criminal to counter that type of crime further. Another merit to go to the crime scene is to gain and strengthen the experience by analyzing the situation by watching the facts and figures and to have information with different entities and their viewpoints because that information may provide a necessary evidence e.g. Number plate, color and model of the car, physical appearances, design and color of the cloths of the criminals etc.
The disadvantage of this crime scene attending is the psychological effect that may disturb the mind and effects on feelings, because as a human being it will be very difficult to watch another human being in that disrespectable manner who suffered like a animal. Therefore, as a novice criminologist it could be some issue.
 What forensic science samples would you request from the pathologist in order to determine whether a sexual assault had occurred?
The reason to request the following samples including the other samples is to reap the maximum benefit from the Forensic biology that is the part of Forensic Science basically….
“Forensic biology is the application of biological analysis methods, particularly serological methods, to legal investigations. Serology involves the investigation of bodily fluids, particularly the likes of blood, semen, saliva, all of which are commonly found at certain crime scenes.
There are numerous types of bodily fluid that may be found at a crime scene or on a victim, all of which have the potential to be analyzed and used in the identification and incrimination of the perpetrator.
The examination of such substances can not only provide clues as to the identity of the offender, but also help investigators develop a detailed picture of the sequence of events which occurred. The presence of certain bodily fluids can be excellent indicators of what has occurred”. (Forensicsciencecentral, 2010)
Head hair and pubic hair sample, according to the standard these sample play a vital role about the evidence of sexual assault.
Liquid blood samples for DNA and determining the alcohol level.
Urine sample also for determining the alcohol level.
Saliva samples for further analysis from consensual means that sexual associate. In that case dried saliva  preferred.
That analysis of body parts and bodily liquids will help in determining the presence and level of particular substances like alcohol and toxins that will further provide help in investigations. (Forensicsciencecentral, 2010)
What other samples, if any, would you require as controls in this case
Fingernails as clumps of dirt were embedded beneath some of the fingernails. It could be caused to provide the evidence of DNA, because it is the probability of Victim’s skin fragments inside, because of  the struggle.
Although no trauma was identified to the vagina or external genitalia but taking a liquid sample from there could provide the further assistance to control the case because the existence of Siemens (if found) can help about the sexual assault that whether it was consensual or not. (Forensicsciencecentral, 2010)


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