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October 2, 2012

Essay on Classification and Division


Automobiles are some of the most enthralling and passion provoking items that a person can desire to have. The obsession once tasted takes the form of a compassionate activity on which a person can spend large amounts of money to get the automobile that he wants. However sometimes these experiments often get sour when your desirable automobile starts to give you a tough time in the form of surging expenses and depreciating tool components as a result of which the efficiency of the vehicle alleviates substantially. (Italia, 1993)
 The bitter outcome vehicle oriented experiments is not just limited at consumer level, but extends its influence to some giant automobile manufacturing multinationals of the world also which encompasses organizations like General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota and Nissan. Not all the automobiles they manufacture or release into the market prove an unprecedented success, but also becomes a source of share price collapse and crumbling of organizational credibility associated with the organization.
With the help of this discussion we will try to provide some of the recent classification and stratification of automobiles on the basis of their quality ease in terms of repairing and rates of sticker price. It is important to consider such factors before purchasing the vehicle as it will provide you an overview regarding the various aspects that need to be kept in mind before spending the precious cash and credit that you have.
First category under consideration will be on the basis of the quality of the automobile that is available. The statistics that have been gathered for this category have been completed after surveying over 82,000 buyers.  Since everyone intends to have a vehicle that provides greater mileage, is highly efficient and lands within the range and limits of affordability, here is a list of vehicles where we can shift our focus and attention on. (Elliott, 2010)

Division According to Quality of Automobiles

·         Honda Accord
·         Hyundai Accent
·         Ford Focus
·         Ford Mustang
·         Ford Taurus
·         Lexus GS
·         Lexus LS 460
·         Mazda MX-5 Miata
·         Mercedes-Benz C-Class
·         Volvo C70 (Elliott, 2010)
Classification According to Ease towards Repair
An automobile feels no less than back pain when it starts to display signs of wear and tear in its condition, augments its consumption of fuel, poses a reduction in its previously offered mileage or demonstrates any other complication in terms of maintenance of functionality. Therefore next category that needs to be considered is the ease with which automobiles can be repaired and the potential that they can exhibit towards reinstating their previous state and stature before suffering damage. Automobiles placed first exhibit least problems in terms of repair.
·         Honda Civic
·         Honda Accord
·         Toyota Camry
·         Toyota Corolla
·         Toyota Prius
·         Ford Fusion Hybrid
·         Honda Odyssey
·         Honda Element
·         Nissan Altima
·         Sabraru Impreza (Magillozi, 2010)
Cataloguing According to Sticker price
Next stage of classification is based upon the rating of automobiles on the basis of their sticker price, but first and foremost it is important to understand what the term sticker price actually suggests. Unlike popular belief, sticker price of an automobile is not the marked price of the item with the use of a removable sticker. The definition has only been created to conceal the truth from the people and provide leverage to the seller in terms of making a greater margin of profit.
 Sticker price is basically the listed price of the automobile which can be negotiated and it is usually the MSRP or the Manufactured Suggested Retail Price. It is important for the consumer to realize the importance of the sticker price as it can help him or her in making a way through which he or she can get a good bargain of the automobile he or she is purchasing. Automobile placed at the top of the list shows the most overpriced automobile or the one for which the sticker price is the highest.
·         Chevrolet HHR
·         Jeep Commander
·         Jeep Grand Cherokee
·         Nissan Armanda
·         Chrysler 300
·         GMC Sierra 1500
·         Chevrolet Silverado 1500
·         Nissan Titan
·         Ford F250 (Forbes, 2010)


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