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October 28, 2012

Essay on Fashion and Identity

Fashion and Identity
Social sciences are an extremely diverse and all-encompassing kind of a field which covers the highly complex and sophisticated aspects and dimensions of human nature.
 It is primarily because of this that the science of sociology and psychology share a highly symbiotic relationship with each other in exploring and discovering the different and more capricious elements of human nature.
Some of the important aspects of social psychology that will be discussed during the course of this discussion will be based on cognitive as well as emotional intelligence aspects. (Tichy and Nisenberg, 1977)
Cognitive intelligence
Cognitive intelligence is considered and classified as one of the complex and highly sophisticated areas of human rationality and application of its intelligence abilities.
Even though there have been numerous ways in which the terminology has been defined by various sociologists and psychologists during the different phases of their study but one of the most convincing and precisely defined definitions of the term have been defined by Kaplan and Sadock which says that cognitive intelligence is defined as the ability to learn new things, recall information, think rationally, apply knowledge and solve problems.
Hence from the definition a rough idea that can be derived about this particular type of intelligence is that the application and practical demonstration of this kind of intelligence is normally in the form of hardcore functions that are either very technical or require immense skill to solve normally fall under the umbrella of this category.
An example that can further be stated to clarify the understanding of both kinds of intelligence and the ways they are effective in. Bill and Mary use to work in the same IT organization. Both of them were of different temperament features and instincts.
On one hand where Bill had excellent IT and technical skills that constitute an integral part of the profession but at the same time he was also an arrogant and introvert type of a person and hence was not very effective in developing good and amiable relations with fellow workers at the workplace primarily because of his haughty attitude and superiority that he use to have because of the skills that he had. (Cummings and Worley, 2009)
Emotional Intelligence
On the other hand emotional intelligence is mainly applied in organizational issues and scenarios in which the presence of emotion is provided foremost attention and importance in order to cultivate a better organizational and working environment in a company.
Under the influence of this type of intelligence it is the human emotion that makes use of information in order to find out an effective solution of problem. By making effective and intelligent use of emotions and the feelings and ideas that they portray the working environment and the subsequent developments that are supposed to take place in it can take place in a very convenient manner. (Howard, 1994)
 However, it is important to mention here that both kinds of intelligence abilities demonstrate a very symbiotic relationship with each other. It would be rather a misconception to claim that both of them are completely independent or are of non-dependable nature.
Both show a relation of mutual dependence upon each other and in some contexts this kind of dependence and mutual relationship between the two different categories proves very beneficial in contributing to the success and development in an organization.
 It is important that the problem that the organization is confronted with needs to be dealt through a cognitive perspective but applying only a single handed approach towards the resolution of a problem is not enough, nevertheless it also leads to the deterioration of the problem in some cases.
In such circumstances it is important that the problem is also dealt from an emotional perspective in which the emotional feelings and attachments of people associated with the problem are also dealt and enlightened.
In the explanation of emotional intelligence if the case of Mary is chosen we will come to know that although at an employee level he was classified as a mediocre because of the average IT skills that she had, but despite of her academic deficit she tried to compensate on the other side of the canvas by fostering great relations with the other employees that she was able to develop a much better and positive approach when it came towards providing suggestions and recommendations for resolving the problem. (Dunn, 2011)

As mentioned earlier that both kinds of social sciences project a symbiotic relationship with each other and the application of each type of working model is indirectly supported or held by the situations that the organization encounters.


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