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October 31, 2012

Essay on Film Review Notorious

Film Review-Notorious

            Produced and directed by the highly acclaimed and reputable filmmaker of all time Alfred Hitchcock, Notorious is undoubtedly one of the most classic films ever presented in the history of film making and cinema. The crux of the story revolves around Alicia Huberman who is the daughter of a convicted former Nazi spy and working for a government officer T. R. Devlin to infiltrate a group of German forces deployed in Brazil. As the story progresses both of them get involved in romantic relationship that does not end as happily as may be anticipated by many. Another major character of the film is Alex Sebastian who is also among the prominent members of the group and Alicia’s husband.

Body and Conclusion
The best thing about the movie is the unpredictability with which it takes the audience with. Like the conclusion of many love stories the onlooker may have expected that Alicia and Devlin might unify together keeping in mind that Devlin does confess his love for her when Alice is being slowly poisoned by her husband and mother, but contrary to popular belief this does not take place.
Apart from this the entire film provides a flawless consolidation of different genres like romance, misery, suspense, drama and intrigue. All of these components have been presented in the most perfect way by Hitchcock that makes the entire film extremely entertaining to watch. The success achieved by the film can be vindicated from the fact that along with commendable reception from the critics, the film provided an Academy Award nomination for Claude Rains who played Devlin and for Ben Hecht, the writer of the movie. (Humphries, 1994)


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