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October 21, 2012

Essay on First Ferrari Theme Park and Economic Benefit

The world first Ferrari theme park and its Economic Benefit.

The world first Ferrari theme park is another marvelous addition of the UAE showcase of entertainment. This park itself is another wonder and ultimately the projection of creative thinking, moreover thinking beyond the limit abilities. This park has all attractions means that full thrill and joy with cutting edge technology baked rides. This park has an area of 2,200,000 sq ft with the cost of 40 million dollars that makes it the world largest amusement park that is aspect to open in October 2010.
The most unique attraction that make this park a legendary place for fun, is the world fastest ride that is the Formula Rossa, the roller coaster that has a capability to run at 150 mph. this addition is the most thrilling addition for the park visitors. This park is outcome of the partnership between Ferrari and Aldar Properties PJSC, Abu Dhabi.
As far as the Economic benefit is concern, the officials of the UAE know very well that there oil reserved will be consumed after the specific time period; their focus is to convert their economy from oil base to tourist base. In this connection, there are number of development is done and in progress as well, including the world first Ferrari theme park. Here another question arises that why Dubai officials prefer to have partnership with Ferrari to build that park? Before searching the answer, have a look at the profit that has generated from the Grand Prix Formula 1 races that is the integral part of the Ferrari. In the year 2008 these Grand Prix generated $221 million and $ 394 million approx in Malaysia and Bahrain respectively.
Therefore the answer is simple means that both the UAE and Ferrari officials have a common goal to maximize the profit by cashing the goodwill of the Ferrari with other wonderful tourist points of the UAE.
The ticket price starts from $61 to $102 per head for adult and $45 to $74 for children. The higher price tickets include additional benefit of rides and entertainment with the facility of refreshment lounges. It should be remembered that the park area is 2,200,000 sq ft that is huge and it is expected to more than thousand visitors per day, the profit will be…millions of dollars that will ultimately impact positively on the overall UAE’s GDP.


  1. From what I heard, the rides and attractions there are quite the experience. I can only wish I can find the time to go soon.