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October 28, 2012

Essay on Fredrick Douglas

The remarkable and influential speech that was delivered by Frederick Douglas in 1852 was based on the loopholes and discrepancies that are present in the American system since the day that the country was declared a sovereign and independent state. The central point of discussion that he made in his speech was the phenomenon of American slavery in the society which according to him as segregated the different segments of the American society into different factions and units.
He says that even though the country has gained independence but he does not deserve the right of rejoicing the independence, this 4th of July is not the day that he will celebrate his independence because for him his country is still held captive, his people are still forced to live a life of extreme and sheer captivity and are bounded with gilded chains all around them.
He represents the entire American nation and the right of representation that has been provided to him by his people does not allow him to discriminate his people on the basis of their class, affluence, color, creed or racial origin. Therefore for the African American community that dwells in the country and has provided the very same sacrifices and efforts for independence as any other community of the country needs to be provided an equal weightage and hearing.
For these people who are constantly subjugated to gross injustice and grotesque rules of the society that seems to be dominated by the White man has no relevance to the independence of the country. These people laid down their lives and put everything that they had on stake simply because they foresaw a future, future which had the silver lining of hope, justice, equality and most of all it would not sideline them. But since their participation has not been provided with the right that they deserved, the imminent disparity has written the fate of America.
 I personally believe that the speech was quite effective in the way that it actually provided evidence to the African American community that there is someone who is standing for their rights and demands that they should be provided with justice and equality on the basis of an equal footing. A person who witnesses that the failure of black Americans is the failure of American society and who sees the victory of African American as the victory of the American nation, a person who has provided them with the voice to speak for their rights.
One of the reasons due to which my perspective regarding the issue would be in negative is because of the contemporary scenario of the American society as addressed by Douglass even today that even African American community to this day have not been provided with the rights and equity on state level that they deserved.
 Even though the election of Barack Obama as the President of United States may seem the reality of the dream that was once seen and discussed by Martin Luther King and the elimination of the disparity which Douglass acquainted us about, but even after all such efforts it seems difficult to say that the racial discrimination in one of the most secular societies of the world has eradicated.


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