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October 9, 2012

Essay on Global Civilizations

Global Civilizations
The global civilization and its related phenomena are not the new topic; it is the buzzword that is being propagated from a long time. However, Ronald Wright discussed the ideology of progress and development as the progress trap in his book “A Short History of Progress”. Ronald highlighted that the runaway growth that is the catalyst of intense the competition among the different nations to reap the maximum benefit from the available resources, including natural resources.
Ronald argued that the intense rivalry to suck the planet resource as much as possible is the murderous burden on the planet. Because this intense rivalry is the generator of over-consumption of resources such as merciless killing of trees and jungle are the types of over-consumption that are being cause of ozone layer destruction and this destruction is the catalyst of global warming.
In the connection of current growth progress and its future prospects, Ronald viewpoint is another distinction. He linked the modern quandary with the old civilizations and their history and stated that ongoing progress is the ten thousand year experiment and it is that type of experiment that hardly ever controlled because history has the special and inevitable characteristics of repetition such as surge in the prices and that surge is linked to the pattern of disaster and progress such as disaster of jungles and wild life in the quest of further human progress.
In the connection of Progress that Ronald pronounced as the progress trap, he expressed the examples from the history that progress itself is the delusion that mired the common human being. At the current perspective the notion of technology is the barometer that gauges the culture level and its progress but despite of these technological advancement, natural disasters are the variables that totally outset the notion of progress because despite the highly dedicated security measure, these technological advancements and their sophisticated assurance of dedicated fence seems helpless in front of the natural catastrophes. Currently the tsunami catastrophes that plunged the whole Japanese economy into the abysmal of destruction and loss of countless lives and this catastrophe is the catalyst that urged the Japanese officials to say that now Japan is facing the worst situation after the second world war, furthermore, the failure of nuclear plant despite the sophisticated technology and its uncontrollable nuclear threat also support the Ronald’s concept that the notion of progress is just the trap. According to the Ronald’s view point the ideology of progress is just the myth, nothing but else. The progresses in the domain of technology from the green revolution phase to the genetic engineering and from mechanical engineering to digitized world are just the illusion. The real phenomenon behind the technological domain is the food that is the part and parcel element of all these technological developments (Wright, 2005).
The purpose of all above discussion in the perspective of Ronald is that learning from the past is inevitable so that prevention could be possible by avoiding the repetition of same mistakes that previous civilization did in the blind pursuit of corporeal progress such as Sumer and Easter Island failed because of depletion of natural resources: "their ecologies were unable to regenerate". Whereas the other civilization such as Rome botched, "where ecological demand was highest," but leftover populations endured. The question that Ronald raised is, “Why, if civilizations so often destroy themselves, has the overall experiment of civilization done so well?". He self replied in that connection, keen consideration on natural regeneration is inevitable (Wright, 2005).


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